First and foremost, our MOOC Office 365 team wishes you a very Happy New Year 2020!!

We thank you all for your loyalty, your webinar attendance, your Yammer interactions, and precious input.

This year 2019 covered many new features on the MOOC Office 365 platform and within Mandarine Academy.


What is new for 2019 on MOOC Office 365

Almost a year ago, our team set up a chatbot to offer you full support and answer all your questions.

Then we developed a training session calendar so that you can easily be informed of upcoming sessions and sign up for those, with just a few clicks.

Then we used the performance of artificial intelligence to generate subtitles on all videos and proofread all transcriptions.

Finally, to provide context and clarity to video content, we added a chapter captioning option.


Our new courses

During 2019, we offered you something close to 20 new courses…

🍊 Let us go back to some key courses:

🍊 Teams, which is an ever-expanding tool, has been the subject of several courses such as:

Find all our other courses and videos on the MOOC Office 365 platform!


Let us not forget the arrival of DiLeaP

Indeed, in September 2019, we introduced our new product: DiLeaP!

Drive end user adoption via THE DiLeaP training platform.

This customizable platform lets you to manage your own communication and video content. Get a rich Office 365 catalog, translation, indexing and a recommendation engine. Lastly, access full reporting to track your users' activity and resource consumption.

For more information, visit the DiLeaP website!


See you soon on the MOOC Office 365 site


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