Ensure Microsoft Teams Adoption and Governance with SalesTim

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SalesTim is the key to Microsoft Teams Adoption and Governance.
On one hand, SalesTim gives companies the opportunity to offer a Microsoft Teams business experience with a catalog of business solutions you create: ready to use team templates provided by Teams with pre-configured channels, tabs and Planner!
On the other hand, SalesTim combines a specific governance for each solution with the
implementation of a naming convention, creation approval, reinforced security, permanent members and owners, etc. This enables a better control of the teams while promoting user adoption.
So let's go now, so I think prediction.
I want let's say.
Let's go, the word of work has really changed this last year so.
We know that many people are collaborating more and most of them. They spent around 80% of the time during during work collaborating and many people in the organization. Unfortunately, they don't find the apps. They want to use so most of them use shadow T app. So there is really the mean on one hand to collaborate and on the other.
They don't find maybe the right tools in the company or these tools are blocked or even some Microsoft Teams instance are not open and people can't create teams for example.
And you know that Microsoft 365 office 65 is a huge success. There is around 118 million active users of office 65. The last figures around Microsoft Teams. It's even 13,000,000 daily active users and we don't know we don't have this figure, but you may see your own organization that.
There is an unprecedented number of team that is created an it's like going crazy. Because everyone can create teams and it's raising lots of challenges around governance and also around adoption.
We focus on this topic around governance around the end user adoption and the control. We always tend to have this way of thinking which is on the one hand and more on the IT perspective are the Security Department perspective we want to have a high it control and on the other and we know that it will lower end user adoption because they won't get the freedom. They used to have and on the other hand.
Businesses when they want to push hard on end user adoption or that can be the you know the digital Department or communication Department they always say too. I see no you have to open everything to everyone and make sure that people have the same experience as they have in their own life and own private life, such as creating group in WhatsApp. So you have to make sure that there is no specific control set which is not very realistic.
In Big Corporation or even mid size 1.
And every time we finished by this thing that is, we need to find the right balance between end user adoption and ID control.
If you find yourself in this way of thinking just some hesitate to say? Yes, I find myself on my peers in the chat.
Actually, I'm really convinced now that we have this way of thinking because we don't have enough information about what the end user is doing so, just in aging that if you have this information of the business context. That's an end user is creating.
A team dedicated to leadership team then.
You will have a high ID control.
Imagine that you know that a user would create a team that is dedicated to just organize. Let's take breakfast every two week in a specific Department. You don't need to have a high it control.
With that in mind.
If we have the business context, then we can completely change the way we think about governance.
We can switch to this way, which is.
The more end users option you have the more business context information you can get and then the best I key ID control you can have.
I'm sure you you would wonder now how we can make it real.
So actually this is what with that with sales team automation, which is.
On one hand, the ability to provide the Microsoft Teams business solution catalog to the end user with ready to go teams and cooperate own teams template catalog.
And you have this.
Experience where you can change the.
It's a the behavior in creating the teams.
From just creating with the common when you have already with Microsoft Teams. You create the team with the general channel and now it's switching to real business oriented experience.
As for example, if you want to create a team dedicated to protect or if you want to create team dedicated to an opportunity.
You will get the Microsoft Teams that is ready to go with the list of channels list of tabs and some pretty fine tabs, which has a website that website tabs that can make you bring any content from your Internet and also a planner tab.
Where you get all the different tasks that need to be performed for these particular converted use case?
Then, for each business solution, you have the ability to have a business oriented naming convention and then say. For every opportunity team. You want to make sure that the name of the team will be called.
Name of the customer or name of the prospects dash opportunity or for every new project. The name of the team would be called name of the project dash project.
Then, having the ability to set up built in approval workflow.
If required for some business solution, but not for others. Having the ability to enforce the privacy and make sure that all the team that needs to be private says private.
And also the notion of round permanent owners and permanent ban. Barry so think about them.
Opportunity team template for every new opportunity you would like to make sure that someone from the legal team.
Will be part of every team dedicated to a new opportunity. This is what the prevalent owners and members feature that should do it and also the delegate accountability to business owners because this is these people who had the knowledge and for the template creation, but also the approval and permanent owners and permanent members. You can delegate that to any business or?
And if they for really advanced scenario, having the ability to Automate. The provisioning based on 3rd party apps. This is what we use with state force and if you go on our through that and but actually we make our API available to any 3rd party.
The Dom hesitates to ask in the in the chat now any questions. Now we will go directly through the demo.
Now I'll show you how it's working in real so.
Let's say for this particular example. I'm project manager in retail company.
And I need to open a new centre or this can be opening a new shop for example.
And what I will do is I will just first connect to Microsoft Teams, so as you can see here. I learned to homepage. on Microsoft teams. I'm connected with these particular.
This particular profiler school safety, but if it was you, you will have your profile picture in office 65 and I'm showing that just because make?
Read the point that we have here all the experience from an end user from the end user perspective, that is really invisible.
So we don't want to add any unnecessary friction for the end user and there is no mention to save steam any part of the experience from an end user perspective so.
I'm the project manager that needs to open these new shop or new center, then I connect to the home page. and I would go to new team.
Derek Lee Islands in the corporate business solution catalog that is made available by my company. I have the ability to create a team dedicated to a sales Department to handle recruitment.
To match the launch of a new product.
And also the ability to open knew center, creating a team for that I will select this one.
An I'm requested to put the city to London.
Let's say for example, and for for these teams, you will see that this team will be called London dash new center.
And he also on the team's description. We take again this city, London and also on the welcome message.
And nothing there is some owners that are already set up and this is set up at the template level.
So I send it.
And you will see in just a few seconds.
That I will get ready to go themes.
That is pretty fine with all the different channels all the different things. I need to open the steam. These shop in London. NE new center, so as you can see I have here other even channels, but are needed to collaborate around the center opening one around the budget one around the planning one discussing but the review with the managers one run. The weekly meetings that we have with the team and one maybe around the design.
And the architecture of the center, then the team is being provisioned with other information. I have here and info tab. That is pushing me directly some content from the Internet so that can be guidelines about the playbook around these type of projects.
And here you recognize actually a SharePoint online communication site page. Just to show you that we can embed any Internet page. But actually we are using the website app. So you can include any content coming from Internet so coming from a URL so an Internet website or web application.
And while I was talking.
There is also the standing tab that is generated with all the different tasks that need to be performed.
For these new center opening so as you can see here, you have a planner for those who are familiar with planner that is pretty fine and I just need now to assign the different task to the different people.
So that was the experience as an end user perspective. Now, if you don't have any question, we can maybe switch to the admin experience on how to create a template.
For this particular.
So don't hesitate to use the chat.
Maybe you can say wow it's very cool or.
It's interesting.
So let's go, we will move to how to create a new.
Complete so.
Very easy on the first step is to create a dedicated team, there with stand for the template so this is this one. and I created for one just one time manually everything with.
The team with the different channels. I added manually. The website tab here with the info. Tab pointing to the Internet and then I have here the planner tab with all the different tasks.
That I put memory.
Then, as the new fisheries 5 administrator I go to this, a steam.
Full experience.
And I have here the ability to go, some knew.
And here on catalog tab I have the ability to manage all the different solution that are set up in this particular environment. So let's say I want to create a new one.
Just click on create and I will select.
The team that is.
Standing for the template so this is this one knew center dash model and I have the ability here to set up the business solution that will end in the solution catalog so let's say new center.
Then the description so that indicates you there. The purpose of this template and then the cloning strategy. He ran you can recognize because this is exactly the same as the Microsoft one we are using it.
Here have everything around the naming so here you have the default team name. So I've entered here. The name of the cities of that people will enter the name of the city and I chose to put here new center, so that all the different teams will be Gold City dash new center, but we can also mix with any Azure AD property, so that let's imagine you want to make sure that.
All the teams will take the name of the country. The name of the city, but title of the job post or the name of the Department the requests are is from.
On the T name you can use it directly here we have this same ability with the team description and the welcome message.
We can move through approval part, where we can setup someone that will approve the teams creation or not.
Here target the audience and let's say for this particular templates.
These only the people in some country are in some Department will be targeted. We are again using Azure AD properties for that.
And the last part where we can enforce the team privacy and make sure that the teams.
The all the teams created on private an remain private.
Hum or we can choose public also.
So that if an owner is changing from private to public will reverted to private.
And this notion of permanent owners and permanent members wear for example, for let's say you create a template for recruitment. You want someone from the legal from the HR team to be always, in it, so let's say it's Lydia.
And New Year will be older of all the different teams that are created. Let's say media has been added to 50 team.
And she is moving from the company. Then she is replaced by Orietta and RE ator will be added back to this 50 team that has been created.
Then I create this solution.
And then it will be available to all the different people in the organization.
In just a few seconds and you'll see.
Here, I just click on create and you see here, the solution new center webinar I selected.
Bay City.
Let's see.
You have here naming convention.
And Voila.
The template is created and the teams would be generated.
Do you have any question?
Please don't hesitate to use the chat.
Why you see that it's provisioning?
Yes, so I think this is an incredible application. Thank you very much for that. These predefined templates will definitely save. Lots of time in collaboration work so first of all yes, it's saving time so really. That's the benefit from the end user perspective. But the second benefits more on the decision maker perspective that.
Creating those collaboration processes template make sure that for businesses should make your playbook or the executive framework is actually followed by people because it's integrated in the everyday life and the tools that people are using every day.
So I have another these template can export so I think in the exported so not yet but this is something we are working on definitely.
So usually I have the question around the business model so as you may have noticed. I have in the catalog definition. The ability to set up a team with some feature that are pro or not so we have linear model and.
And it's free to create some template. I mean any template and if you want to go in targeting targeting the audience and the security part, then it's at 0.9 cents euro.
For an end well engagement per user per month.
So how can we have a demo so this is actually a demo right now if you want to another one that is maybe more tailored to your use cases. We can definitely set up a call so don't hesitate to reach me directly with my email address, sharing that also I'll follow up for these call with all the registered people so that you get.
All the different information and then we set up that in your environment actually you will see that it's very, very easy because you just have to load the package in Microsoft Teams then give the administrator consent and the app is deployed in the talent, then just need to set up the service account and create the first templates and that's it in just very few minutes.
You are up and running with Microsoft themes templates.
Then the presentation what is the presentation you are making is on the online Ms teams?
Understand load installed on computer environments, so this is actually on the web. But the browser. But actually it's installed everywhere. Also in the Windows 10 app or in Mac.
As far as it installed in Microsoft Teams.
Gay gay.
I can see the safety map on my teams environment now is because of my organization has not allowed. It not at all, so for speak that 15 actually you are not seeing because we are not yet on the Microsoft Teams App Store. It's just a matter of days that will be on the Microsoft Teams App Store will be joining the store in just few days or.
2 weeks something like that, but before that, you can actually download the package just 2 or 3 kilobits.
And load it in your own environment as a personal as a.
Specific app and then it will be available.
OK thanks.
She have any last questions don't hesitate otherwise.
It will be.
The end of this.
Women are I want to thank you very much everyone taking the time I hope you. Appreciate it don't hesitate to give any last feedback before you go. We will follow up to all the people registered with the content the deck and a way to test on your environment. For every people who has registered for this webinar. You will be able to test with full feature for one month for 3.
So that you can see all the different value. We can bring to you and help you adopting more teamwork and Microsoft Teams, so thank you very much have a great day and have a great weekend for those who are in Europe.

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