We invite you to discover our latest tutorials on the breakout rooms available in Microsoft Teams.

What are breakout rooms in Teams?

This new feature allows organizers to divide meeting participants into multiple groups. Organizers can easily move from one meeting room to another and bring all participants together in the main meeting room.

This new "room for small groups" service allows users to live a new meeting experience. This facilitates collaboration within the company.

Creating group rooms and changing settings

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication app that contains many features. It is sometimes difficult for an organizer to know and manage them all.

In our video tutorials, discover all the features to perform on Microsoft Teams to add breakout rooms or change the settings.

We'll show you how to:

  • Create one or more breakout rooms
  • Train groups of people
  • Reorganize participants
  • Delete excess rooms
  • Naming or recreating these small rooms
  • Transfer people to the different rooms when they open
  • Allow users to return to the main meeting room
  • Recover items saved in this kind of rooms

Find the tutorials here:

Add breakout rooms

Assign or switch participants between rooms

Recover saved items in a breakout room

Change breakout room settings

A participant wants to go back to the main room

Turn a meeting room into breakout rooms

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