The goal of collaborative work is to work better together. Indeed, more and more companies are using collaborative tools. They are also implementing new working methods in order to better respond to the digital boom.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the digital transition was necessary to maintain business activity. Thanks to collaborative tools, telework was effective and teams were able to keep in touch. The challenge now is to continue to make progress by keeping up to date with new developments.

Today we are introducing one of Teams’ features that allows businesses to better organize and manage their meetings remotely.

Back to Microsoft Teams, the #1 collaborative tool

Teams is the ultimate collaborative communication application. Available on computers, tablets and smartphones, it provides instant communication in small groups or large audiences.

Many features have been deployed since its launch. We offer different courses on the MOOC Office 365 site based on its latest features such as: private channels, call features, or event management.

Easily manage your meetings in Teams

Even remotely, it is essential to organize and manage your meetings. In the Teams app, pick a time slot and invite attendees to plan your meetings efficiently. This way, recipients can just confirm their presence.

To meet new uses, the app provides many advantages such as recording meetings.

Instant meetings are now possible

Teams launches the "Start a Meeting" option. You can now create an instant meeting directly in the desired team. There are two ways to start a meeting:

  • Select the camera icon in an existing conversation or in a new one in order to start a meeting based on a general topic.
  • Create a meeting in response to a conversation and continue the discussion orally.

Your employees will find this tool very practical!

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Teams as your collaborative business tool

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