Teams call features

Time Length Icon 30:00 Video Icon 17 videos
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With this course, discover the call possibilities in Teams. How to make calls? What are the options to handle calls when you are on the move? or with several people?

This course will give you the answers. From the basic situations to the most advanced uses.

Training resources and methods:

This course mainly consists in videos.

Training objectives:

  • Discover the features and call possibilities in Teams
  • Discover new uses thanks to Cloud telephony
  • Get familiar with the configuration menus

Training content:

  • Make and process calls
    • Make and receive calls
    • Put on hold, mute the microphone
    • Invite people to a call, manage multiple calls
    • Transfer calls
  • Call forwarding
    • Forward your calls to another phone number
    • Forward your calls to the voicemail
    • Forward your calls to a call group
    • Ring another number simultaneously
    • Turn off call forwarding
  • Settings and voicemail
    • Block specific phone numbers
    • Adjust your audio devices
    • Change your voicemail greeting
    • Access your voicemail
  • Use the mobile application to make calls