Word 2016 - Introduction to word processing

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Discover how to create and format text, and manage long documents. Learn how to use the styles and paragraphs to create and enrich your documents quickly.

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • Word 2016, user interface and basic features
  • The main uses of Word 2016

Training content:

  • Paragraph in Word 2016
  • The different inputs
  • Formatting
  • Indents and Tabs
  • Style setting
  • Hierarchies concept
  • Entering and editing content
  • Saving
Welcome to the surface 365 training. The session, which is about to start is related to a big topic, which is called get started with a face and the subject of the session is just to have an introduction to work processing and I work processing we?
Introduction to the Microsoft Word which is in the Office 365 switch the word processing software application welcome. So to the session. My name shall Bernard Shaw and we're going to spend the next 3245 minutes.
What will be discussing during this time here is the plan we will first discovered interface quick discovery of the interface with it at the layout? How is it distributed in the screen then we will see how to create and format text? Which is?
Um of uhm well, then we will see that we can apply styles starts, which are provided by the application to work quicker and more efficiently. We will see how to make changes to the.
And all the changes that we have that we may may have an form that can also track and at the end, we see how to save the document. The different possibilities that we have to save documents on our locally in our computer or using the functionality's office.
T 5 online that is on the cloud in the cloud to save documents and possibly to share them if needed. The goal of this session clearly to discover Microsoft Word and quickly create documents on arrow.
So let's start by using?
Word, which is
And the first time you open word you will arrive on the home page on the left and see a list of documents the least just called recent so this week last week and all the documents of course, very, very first time that you.
Open this page. This list with the course and will be populated each time you open a new document or you created new document on the left part of the screen. As you can imagine just by having a look at it. Lots of templates are provided to you.
Each's name that suggests his function for example, that you're a creative resume design by some design format creative cover letter for each coverage are block post just you.
A question of blog, etc, etc. But for the purpose of this session, which is to discover the 2. We will start with the blank document blank page. And for that very first template even empty template to blank document that I will select and I selected it. Of course, but you get you.
Is of course the blank page blank document that would be exactly the case? When we start to write in a notebook are open on a piece of paper blank page. And now it would be up to us to write down and here to create.
Use of all the functions of Microsoft Word just a quick words on the interface again asking the rest of the office, which we can hear find the text.
Uh each top related to a topic UM in search designs. Of course, the design of the page. The layout other page. References would be to get the references inside the page etc. If we want to perform mailings to have review of.
In terms of spelling and grammar for example, to check the spelling and grammar if we want to work to count the word. Exeter out interview. It's everything that is at our view, which is visual and that we can change directly from this step for each.
Underneath we found what's called the ribbon and that you may probably knew from other office applications. Each time you change the tab the the ribbon adapts to the new tab? Of course, providing you the most common and the?
Just usual commands that are related to one tab and you are supposed to be looking for when you select the tab. So here in the home page. The main goal of word.
Treatment of course in the homepage. We've got everything that will help us create a document what we need to know with word is that of course, you can write text. I laugh.
Something, which is supposed to be an introduction to work assessing for example, yeah, um so here you can write anything and just.
Start writing things.
In the
Inside the document.
So here for example, this is.
OK, So what you can see if it's bad for the system.
Underlies, What's supposed to be wrongly spelled you can change. Of course, you can see also here that um the text is in certain formats. But you can write it here font. There is this grouping. This elected to the fonts and here we know which.
And you see that there are lots to your disposal and the size here. Other functions so you can also increase and you see that just by selecting or or hovering over the the the figures values you can see the result on screen.
So if you want to change the font size very easily the same for the thought it's tough.
So here is a Gency FB, Adjarian Outback Ling, etc. So there is no need to select and change each time so losing time again to go faster to what is needed you can just by hovering over the name of?
You see instantly see the resource that's the first thing regarding the context. But by defaults. This will propose you calibrate here for example, and you change the the size if needed again to keep here in front of you that you can.
On many other things, if you want to have it in both you just select code too. If you if you want to reverse it to normal just click again here is it leak and line etc.
And again reverse the color of the font can be changed and see either on the word which you selected or you just select the whole trace of the whole line and you can change it again here and you see again the result.
We produced so that you can cite even the background can be changed. If you need it and of course, even here, there is a well art that is, and you can adapt to your document that's the.
But there is an important concept in terms of we got word is that?
Hey, beautiful, I have right?
Something there is a concept that is important to to know I understand is that the notion of paragraph uhm.
If you
Just right of course words text kilometric format that is to say without thinking and just entering onscreen the text.
The system considers that it is the same paragraph.
To show the system that you are changing the paragraph you have to press on the keyboard the?
Cheat the enter key.
And now you see that the system as.
Gone to the beginning of the next line and there now you can start again and you.
Paragraph and now the system will consider.
All that is written here, I'm just of course, is a metric ass paragraph this one.
OK, so.
That is interesting and important to know that if you click just in the middle of the paragraph because again this is considered by word as an entire paragraph. You will have the possibility just in the home tab here in the paragraph grouping to format and.
Adopt the
Paragraph itself.
For example, he will see that Vardy fault. If we have a look at the paragraph group. We see that here. This is marked checked. It means that the alignment is left and if you leave your cursor if you hover over this part, you see that gives you.
Uh align you content with the left margin. That means that if you want to change the alignment to center, you just need to.
Put the cursor of the mouse in the middle of the paragraph anywhere. And just by clicking here now center. The whole paragraph is centered and you can see that here.
I mean, just copy this.
Here this one is unaffected by my previous to ship this you should so this is a paragraph. This is another one, and that's very important when you start writing a text here because the system each time you press the key the enter key on a keyboard.
Then the next text to be a new paragraph and it will be formatted totally differently. If we know so that you can format or different paragraph independency, so of course again, you see this paragraph has been scented, UM this one.
Can you
To copy text this one, so it's not the point that that shows that it is a new paragraph. It's really. When you enter press the enter key on the keyboard.
I can now if I select this D lineman is this type right you see that this near aligned. This is Judy centered and I kept to the same with another.
Paragraph and it could be also different uhm.
OK so if I click third paragraph, I can have it at it, said here is justify, meaning that both left and right text is exactly adjusted to the to my page weather.
Alright Here it is not OK will see that here there is an indentation act so that's the very first possibility that you have with the new paragraphs is the possibility to decide about the alignment justification is it justified centered is just.
Not that first thing then again, there is known each at my supposed to select the whole paragraph just by keeping the mouse cursor in the middle of it, you see that here you can also modify the line.
Paradise spacing so if you click you see that you have here 1115. One 2:30 contacts to see if the line spacing between the line. Of course, spacing between lines so you can add space before paragraph. Remove space after paragraph and if you want to.
Just to keep we see that document is.
Justify all right, and we can decide about the indentation so we can hear the indentation. You see that the the whole paragraph is distributed to the right part of the screen, OK remember control pressure control, she ends.
Key at the same time to reverse who get back by the words just over there in the very, very belper left corner of the screen. You get undo typing here or of course. We do the last command here lines X and it was OK.
Paint the spacing you can change.
The the the space between the lines of your paragraphs very important, um of course, you see in this paragraph here. But other possibilities. If you want to see each time there.
Sing a grouping of commands here this little haro, you can click and again to the full options of the paragraph formatting with sometimes even examples here, OK, you can see what would be the result of our choice.
Terms of indentation spacing general alignment for example, or outline level line and page breaks. If we need also which is something different that we not discuss here, but again so.
Are the different possibilities of formatting your paragraph in terms of?
Paragraph you see that here is a command, which will increase or decrease index. If you preach here, you see that the whole paragraph will be indented.
Uh so.
That's a possibility to indent each time you press indentation is one way further to the right. Of course, you can go back and wait further chooser left that's another possibility so remember each time.
You press the enter key you change paragraph something that you can do. Also, if you can create lists an example if you enter fire up witcher?
Is the least so you can first go to the spacing to change the spacing?
English or at space or OK. That's the minimum, but now you can also with this little.
Sure glitch library select bullets in France at the first possibility if you select.
This if you just enter you see that all the least will.
Take the same tool, it's something also here if you select complete you can have to see but just list with number alignment left here number alignment left also but differently spelled you can think of this.
Um the alignment based on the on letters.
So different etc. So of course, if you select this one issue and to fix. It will take the number threes number 5. Sorry that's why they just released also possible here library list in this case.
Sorry. The Library of Mr. Now this time, if I enter you see that by default. GPU Indent, one uhm one further to the right the bullets in front is changing OK.
Little but you can also.
Can also
Select sure and request for?
These and in this case if after fire we decide to Indent. Once that we did. One dot one for example, a chapter a paragraph first paragraph within.
Um set paragraph and you see third level folks level etc. So each time can bring you controls. It reverts different possibilities. You see here. You can do the same with good. It's always so you can have.
Used creative and
Same for chapters you see.
Chapter in disturb you but the truth 123 and 4 based on these templates that you have here OK uhm.
So very interesting, too, great performer a kind of hierarchy OK with this.
Least library that you can select to mix to meet Unix or so in paragraph. You can you see that you can just buy again now leaving the cursor in the paragraph you can change?
The content and you don't need to select it just hovering over you can change and see the changing.
Zip ground oh uh what you can also do is you can change the complete style of the program here. We were very few things in fact, but if you look at the ribbon just over Matthew page. You'll see that there are.
Our group, which is called stars and by default, you see that the normals Titans applied to do the whole text. In fact now. If you want to change it if you again, let hover over the each style you can see.
You can change this time, um be careful for heading in heading 2. These are a body changes. Of course, but it's based for for example, if you want them to have a table of contents by selecting heading one. This would be considered then set up contacts.
Jected unset chapter, she would be a title of a page so for example, if we insert a page break whoever another page if I.
Now you can have.
Spice Gonna die, too, and you see that it is considered night title.
The subtitle brings on K so you can completely adapt.
Uh so for each page. You have a statue was the title. So you pretty. She just use styes and again, you don't need to select everything if you select your?
A paragraph use instantly was becoming a what would become new paragraph if you change the style of your?
A bit of also, if you could hear again as not just we did in the paragraph styles. You can get the whole anyway went together, so she works a whole lot of.
Styes available.
Sick rather preview you can see here after lots all those dives that you can modify here in your.
You're a document other things that you can do in your document you can so that posts for matching the stars, which in the hierarchy. If you you of course, can do different things. If we go to the.
Again, we see that you can change.
The whole.
Document and then when you have the title, the title will be changed here also.
So you can change the whole.
Again, the the titles will be that way. The Headings with the EC here centered here. It's on the right so again. You can also use these documents for matching Doc to format the whole document.
Right so if you go there.
See title because are different so you can also format here.
Features also Indesign you can have different seems that right in terms of colors is our cause or in terms of swarf fonts stop changing so lots of things that you can do directly change both for matching styles and.
And seems
You go back to normal to the home tab. We can also insert lots of things pictures to insert a picture.
For example, this one.
OK, I really receipt in another session training. Another AV 365 training what you can do with the pictures. Lots of things. Uhm so you can insert many things into your document so meaning that you can really have a long document, which is.
Complete and really, really, really am.
A powerful so the application is really powerful to adapt to your needs again and your preferences. That's the basics of is an introduction to word an and what you can do on each.
Um beach just remember the basic concept in word, which is the paragraph. The system apply changes mainly through the whole paragraph and until you press the key.
And to you sorry you, you are still considered to be in the same paragraph now. If you want. Once you have finished your text. If you want to save it without 365. There are 2 possibilities. Other you said it in the web.
Using one of the functionality's of Office 365. Like the one drive space online or on the share point, which is a sites space dedicated to achieve more a company or of course, you can save it on your PC here and you can browse.
To go to the placed that trust you or that you prefer aware you prefer to store the game there is supposed to be here too.
Select where to save your document.
So that was interaction to word processing and hope it was fitting your next. Thank you for attending and hope you make the best use of it, bye bye.

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