Stream – Discover the video streaming tool

45:00 13 vidéos

Stream is the video service in Office 365. It makes it easy to create, securely share, and interact, whether in a team or across your organization. For instance, you can help more co-workers increase their knowledge and skill level by broadcasting internal informational videos or updates on policies, strategies and other work-related subjects.  This course will show you how to use Stream’s videos in your daily work routine.

Training format:

  • This lesson is 100% videos based.
  • Supplements can be provided

Training aims :

  • Discover the possibilities of uses around Office 365 communication
  • Use Office 365 wisely and complementarily

Training content

  • Find content
    • Search a video in all accessible contents
    • Sort by criteria
    • Consult the content published by a user
  • Interact on a video and broadcast it
    • Indicate his interest: Heart 
    • Contribute to the improvement or evolution of video content: Comments 
    • Broadcast the video to potential collaborators concerned: Share 
  • Track or memorize content
    • […] in "Videos»: Add to Watchlist, Group, Channel etc. 
    • […] in "Channels»: Follow a channel  
  • Make videos available
    • Formats 
    • The loading 
    • The organization 
    • Create and manage a channel 
    • Create and manage an access group (and permissions)