Skype for Business – Complete course for Skype uses

Time Length Icon 45:00 Video Icon 76 videos

Use Skype for business to: Contact quickly and easily your colleagues, initiate and participate in instant message conversations with one or more external associates, or prepare online meetings to collaborate with your colleagues while sharing your screen and/or coediting files at the same time.

Learn all the uses Skype Business has for you with this complete video course that includes the online and desktop version and also the mobile app.  

Teaching Format:

  • This course contains several tutorials and podcast videos.

Training aims:

  • Discover the instant messaging tool Skype for Business has to offer.
  • Become more confident with the uses to start using it right away.
  • Discover all the uses (mobile, online, desktop version, instant messaging) so you can go deeper in knowledge.

Training content:

  • A desktop version section focused on Skype for Business and its usages (19 videos).
  • An Online version introduction of Skype for Business (11 videos).
  • Skype for Business telephone uses and its functionalities (8 videos).
  • Skype for Business I Phone usages (7 videos).
  • Polycom 300 usage for handling calls with Skype for Business (12 videos).
  • Polycom CX8000 multi touch console and its usages (5 videos).