Outlook 2016 - Discover calendar and tasks

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Save time. Use Outlook to manage your calendar and tasks. Find out how to manage and delegate your calendar, and how to organize and assign tasks.

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • Explore further functions of the calendar
  • Learn how to distribute and track tasks

Training content:

  • Calendar
    • Explore calendar
    • Create an appointment
    • Create a meeting, invite participants
    • Scheduling assistant
  • Tasks
    • Create a task
    • Create a recurring task
    • Assign a task to a third party 
Welcome to this Office 365 MOOC training, which is part of the scheme "Get started with office". We will during the next few minutes discover the calendar and tasks in outlook so welcome again to this session. My name is Shepered, and we are going to spend the next.
30-45 minutes together. Let's see the plan, the agenda what we're going to do during these few minutes first. 1st, we will discover the calendar and we will see how to create appointments.
We will see how to create meetings and also recurring meetings.
Then, at the end, we'll discover how to create a task and how to asign a task to another person but let's start from the beginning ; for that let's go to outlook here is outlook. Here is Outlook that you may know and here we are in the mailbox.
Our mailbox general :
I use it from there, you know how to get to
Calendar at the left button part of the screen, you find'll a few icons. This one is selected because we are in the mailbox, then just here we can find the calendar icon which give
us acces to the calendar.
Calendar, which is shown here.
In the group of "My calendars" because as you can see here you may have several calendars available from this calendar. Part of outlook. If you have several accounts different accounts in outlook configured added.
And you will have course, one calendar for each account that has been added to Outlook. So here I am in a calendar. You recognize of course on the left the folder panel individual view panel and up.
in the window, you recognize your ribbon, which will give you access to a part of group of actions called "New" where you will be able to create a new appointment.
Here we have a pop up window.
Asking newe requesting information on the subject of the appointment.
I'm meeting with human resource manager, I will give the location if I go at the end of the list I will find the previous location that I have used in my calendar, OK, so for example, here again at HRM's office.
Which I will select and then you
Can select the date for example, the 25th of January and the time.
For example, from 10AM
to 11 AM
OK, so that's
My appointment and if if this were
a whole day event I can check the box "All day event" and in this case I know that my event there is no time range available now because it's considered starting at the biginning of the day and ending at the end of the day OK.
If now I go to "Save& Close"? I have my meetings. The uper part of the day of Wednesday out of the time range out of the timeline because again it is considered the whole day event. If I need to change this
icon, you double click to open it again and Check "all day event" and I find again. My time range from 10:00 to 11:00 that I can change if I want.
Now this time range
that we saved here and now I have my meeting on Wednesday from 10 to 11 and if I let my cursor over the item. I can see a little bit more detail with the
Start and end time.
And I can see the location and the reminder 1 hour. From there, I can just drag in the item. I can increase the time or of course, decrease the time range of my appointment, OK
If I need again to change something or to edit the item. I just need to double click and here it is and I can again change the time for example, or if I need to i can create an occurrence
that'll repeat regularly so I have the possibility to put a starting time and ending time, the duration (1 hour) and then the recurrence current button, which can be daily, weekly, monthly.
OK and if it is monthly or weekly. I can enter the number of the recurrence. If the recurrence is each week, or every 2 weeks whatever.
Select the day of your parents of the occurrence OK and I can select the range of recurrence with no ending date by default.
But I can say that there will be an end after just 5 occurrences or just select date for the ending and saying for example, that it will be the last day will be on Wednesday, the 21st of May 2017.
If I click on OK and save and close the experience I can say here. The little icon that shows me that it is a recurrent item if I click to next week, Nothing appears because it only occurs every 2 weeks. But if I go to next one proceeds to the 12 of february.
I can find my meeting again with the human resource manager.
on Wednesday, the 8th with the same timing because I have set the same time being, one hour.
I get back to this week.
So you can again if you double click on an recurring item. The system will ask you if you prefer to open just this one. This occurrence because you want to change just this one because for example, the human resources prefer to change the timing.
11:00 to 12:00 save and close only these occurrence will be.
impacted by this change and if I go to 2 weeks again my meeting is from.
10:30 to 11:30, so you can select one occurrence and change it or if you prefer open the recurrence.
And there is a button here. Edit series that you have. You change but this time for all series that will be impacted by you changes
So again double Change one occurrence or all the occurrences of these appointment.
And, of course, if you
You can right click, and you have several possibilities never forget the right click, which is contextual. In fact and depending on where you perform this right click will get new menu that will give you a new opportunities to change.
to edit.
or to manage an item here for example again open occurrence or open the series I can have a quick print I can forward it to someone else.... don't forget the right click, which is very, very helpful, even more if you are a little bit lost in a new environment.
So that's the way to create an appointment. So the appointment I remind you is just the indication that there is an event occurring to you, even if it's to someone else but only you is directly.
Don't need to inform anybody else, because the other part is probably already aware of this appointment, so there is no need to send anything any invitation and information. Just you and that's all . Now there is another possibility to create in your calendar, which are.
The Meeting : the difference between a meeting and the appointment is that for a meeting, you have to invite to schedule a meeting (probably in the room)at least.
Or anywhere, you have to inform and invite people to reunite to meet in a specific place together to discuss a subject specific material subject. Please note that just that, if you work on an appointment
And if you click on "invite attendees" This appointment, will instantly change into a meeting or a meeting request.
Otherwise, if you need for example, to create the meeting or schedule a meeting on Friday from 10 to 11 either You right click on this time range and select "new meeting request" or you select the time range and go to the ribbon.
Then in the new option grouping you find new meeting you see this icon that indicates that all that people will be inducted by this meeting. So you click here
that will again request some information from you regarding this new request meeting request.
So again we find the subject location start and end time, we can specify if it's an "all day event" even from there and you can select a start time again and an end time. The new thing is that there is a button 2 because this is an invitation.
Sent to some colleagues probably, several colleagues that will gather a email requesting from them to decide whether they will assist or not, to be accept or reject the meeting or whatever the reason is.
The global address list remind that if there is several accounts You have to select the relevant one or the people to be invited so here for example.
I've got
4 names the corresponding to
this name, so I can invite them.
Now You haven't sent this meeting invitation no, but it is an invitation the subject.
For example, "Training reports" and the location again, I can select from the past ones. Previous ones, or I have even here as it a meeting I will probably or the system supposes assumes that I will have we need.
a meeting room so I have here the button rooms to select from the rooms.
OK, the one that will be needed for my meeting.
So now I have planned a meeting on Friday from 10:00 to 10:30 (grabs 30 minutes. I will get one hour) but from there It's impossible for me to know who is available and who's not ; Perhaps Sylvestre
is available but perhaps not the other colleague? Perhaps the room itself is not available for that there is a function:
In Outlook, which is called the "scheduling assistant".
That will instantly give me access to the availability of all attendees and let me know if the time range is available for a meeting for all of us or if someone cannot be reached or is not available.
During this time range. If I look at my
I can see that on Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 apparently everybody is available. On the contrary If I look at the previous date here, which is Thursday from 2pm to 3pm. I can see that at least 3 of my colleague, my attendees are (and I can see it at the bottom).
They give meaning that it's not sure that they can be available for a meeting. So I can adapt my time range . For example, on Thursday, it could be relevant to have a meeting from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM because
Everyone is available.
So I can change my mind, and put it previously. If this room
Where already booked by someone else, the same thing will occur I will see the room as being not available for this down range and I could also change the room for example
Or try to find another date for this meeting again . for this meeting you could add here new persons.
if you re click I can say yes, I need Pierre Skolil, OK and we see that here there is a meeting already booked from 2pm to 3pm by this attendee of course, as much as I did for the appointment.
create the recurrence for this meeting for example, every 2 weeks again
on thursday why not? I could decide to have no end date or just to say that it will end after 5 occurrences.
And in this case again in my calendar this meeting will appear every 2 weeks until the date and the deadline is reached.
Again I could change.
the time here, again, I could add attendees here to have direct access to my global address list of my company or my organization, I could add rooms from here
Select another one like one, here I can have several options. "Show my only my working hours" or many other things, and of course,
If I go to "Appointment" instead of "Scheduling Assistant" I could even insert,
And attach a file
for example, from this PC, or from this Recent documents.
Or even my locations to find documents from groups or other application for example, one drives or share point or site
or from other side, so I could even attach a file from the web.
So now we can save it if I don't want to send it now and now here I have my occurrence. The next week, Nothing the next one, Yes, because it's every 2 weeks now, I have my
occurrence if I double click on an occurrence they will ask me if I want to modify or change just this one of the enterprise series as much as I did put the appointment nothing new here, I can.
Increase the time here for this occurrence without.
Changing anything in the next level.
And that's how I can creates both an appointment or a meeting. The difference again being that for a meeting you will invite or request schedule people to answer reply to your request of a meeting.
That's how you can very easily create appointments and meeting. Now let's have a look to the last things that was planned for this session. The creation of tasks, which is even easier. I mean than creating appointments for a meeting.
But you have at the left bottom part of the screen this icon "task" where if you over this icon you can see all pending tasks, if you click on tasks
you get to the module where you will be easily create with the right click, When you task request for someone else or again in the ribbon on the left part of the ribbon in the new grouping
"New task" and again, you will very easily type a subject.
The possibility to define the start date for this task , let say on Wednesday and you know you say that it's 2 in 2 days. I have a due date?
27th Friday, so this star dates should begin on Wednesday and
be complete on Friday.
I can have a reminder search again, change the ring-tone I want, and I will be reminded.
At 8:30 on Friday that there is a task pending, that today is not started because it's not created yet you can change the priority into "High" and we see that here the completeness of the task is zero again hasn't been created
The owner it's myself, so this task is assigned to me. If you "save and close" you have a task here because I have requested the next 7 days. If I click on today have no task for today. Next 7 days.
the task that I have just Just created which is due on the 27th on Friday. If I want to see all my overdue tasks. I select "overview" Here. If I have an assigned task which we will see in a few minutes, etc etc. So you can easily see your task.
Open the task that is in progress defined the completeness of the progress , "Save & close" and continue to have for example, the new task.
If you need to create a task and assign it to someone very easy also : again the famous right click. "New task" here "or in the Ribbon Button), if you click with a new task and if you want to
asign it to someone ; subject could be "Get the report completed"
With the start date on
Wednesday, due date : next week on the 31st, reminder : 9 o'clock on the Saturday, due date: It is not started and there here, you've got in the ribbon.
a button tasks, which you will be able to assign someone.
Don't forget to select again, the relevant address list if you have
several address list
The account,
And if you sent it , this task we will sent to Laurent that will receive the mail today but there is a task
Otherwise, you can again to save it to send it later if everything is not
scheduled yet
Here you can ask for an updated copy of this task on your task list ? because maybe you want the task to be assigned to someone else someone else's . You want to keep an updated copy of the task that you are signing and you can even ask for a status report when it starts
When the owner mark it as completed.
And you see that they are different stages, not started, in progress, completed, waiting on someone else or deferred.
If I save it,
and if I close.
I will get in my mail, an information when the task is completed and again you see the possibility to filter your task to see all the task that you have to perform.
That's how to create appointments Meetings
And I hope this has been helpful.
and don't forget
to take advantage, make the best use of this, Thank you.

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