Organize all your tasks with Microsoft To Do

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Manage one's tasks can be complex, between e-mails, meetings to plan or documents that need revision!

So, come and explore the tool that Microsoft has developed, so you can manage your tasks and better organize your daily work.

Thanks to the synchronization between
To Do, Planner and Outlook, you can find all your tasks in one place. You can also create lists to better handle your tasks and select which ones you will do during the day; so you can stay focused on what is important.


Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session.

  • Live interaction with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise.

  • Use our more than 20 videos available to dig deeper on how to use To Do on your computer and/or mobile.

Training aims:

  • Understand how To Do works.

  • Use To Do to organize yourself within your list of tasks.

Training content:

  • Learn how the tool works and its layout.

  • Synch your apps Planner and Outlook with To Do so you can have all your tasks under one place.

  • Manage your priorities by creating daily tasks for you.

  • Create project related lists that you will be able to share later on with your colleagues.