Optimizing the confidentiality in Microsoft TEAMS

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Do you use Teams on a daily basis and want to better understand how to secure the documents and information you share with your coworkers? Learn in this course how the files you share in TEAMS through SharePoint and OneDrive are stored, and the different ways to secure them. Also find out how to create and manage private channels to further collaborate on sensitive or confidential issues.

Training Topic:

Manage security and confidential information within Microsoft TEAMS’ workgroups.

Target Audience:

Users who want to know the features that help manage document confidentiality in Microsoft TEAMS. It is recommended to have attended first the training sessions: "Discover and understand Microsoft TEAMS" and "Promote sharing in Microsoft TEAMS"; Or to master the basics of team collaboration in Microsoft  TEAMS.

Training Content:

  • Secure Teams as soon as they are created.
  • Understand how TEAMS works with OneDrive and SharePoint to better protect the documents and information shared.
  • Create private channels while understanding confidentiality rules.

Level: Intermediate

Means and Methods:

  • The training is carried out online with a virtual classroom tool
  • Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions
  • May complete the course with additional video tutorials

Training Objectives:

Optimize document protection within Microsoft TEAMS and manage access to information.

Target Skills:

  • Know how to manage the confidentiality of documents in a team
  • Know how to make folders inaccessible to specific members in a channel
  • Know how to create and manage private channels
  • Know how to restrict access to a document
  • Know how to protect a document with a password

Training Content:

  • Secure information at the company level
  • Manage confidentiality at the team level
  • Manage access to a folder
  • Restrict access to a document
  • Turn a document into read-only mode

Context Items:

In Microsoft TEAMS, all documents can be accessed for editing within a team. However, not everyone in a workgroup should have access to everything. You need to make some folders or documents read-only by using SharePoint features to manage access rights. You want to know how to protect a document and just allow a few users to edit it; Or you should restrict access to certain documents within your Microsoft TEAMS’ team. It is essential nowadays to limit access to certain information within a team in order to avoid multiplying it.

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Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions

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