More customization for better performance

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After learning how the new features and ways Windows 10 makes using Office365’s tools easier, this third course will show you how to configure and use advanced features of Windows 10. By the end of this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of the system and its optimal settings.

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • Learn how to set your Windows 10 work environment
  • Learn how to use some advanced features of your system

Training content :

  • Set up and customize your system
  • Set up the voice assistant Cortana
  • Add and configure devices
  • Set up and use file history
  • Control the consumption of material resources and energy
  • Manage apps, notifications and quick actions
  • Edit and enhance your photos
  • Reinforce authentication on Windows

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This course means attending a virtual class with a subject matter expert.

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