Managers - Office 365 Executive Tips

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Manager ! Do you have to chair an online meeting with your team ? Do you need to organize the team’s activity and meetings ? Does your team need access to documentation? And how about sharing information ? Or reporting daily activities to your employees ?

Is email the only way to Exchange ?

Find out how Office 365 can make your work more efficient.

Means and Methods

  • The session is performed remotely with a virtual class tool
  • The trainer animates the live session, encouraging the interactions and questions of the participants

Training Objectives

  • Discover the Manager’s business-related uses in Office 365
  • Learn how to drive team activity
  • Find out how to animate an online meeting with a team geographically located elsewhere

Training Content

  • Planner online and on mobile
    • Create and distribute tasks among team members
    • View a chart summary of the activity
  • Outlook/Skype/OneNote
    • Organize online meetings
    • Co-edit the report
  • Excel/Power Bi
    • Centralize the information in the activity table
    • Make a regular reporting of the activity
  • Groups/SharePoint
    • Encourage the exchange of information and seek the views of others
    • Communicate and share with my employee

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Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions

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