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Whether you need to stay updated on Employment law or recruit for new roles, Office 365 tools will help you add a participative and collaborative dimension to your work.

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • How to use Office 365 in a Human Resources role
  • Learn how applications interact

Training content:

  • Groups
    • Create a workgroup and use the available tools
  • Outlook/ FindTime 
    • Organize a meeting by proposing several slots
    • Send and receive invitation requests
  • Yammer 
    • Share and communicate information
  • SharePoint 
    • Access the file library
Hello Welcome to this Office 365 training around human resources. We are going to do in this session to discover of face shoot situations that someone from human resources.
Um so and see are the.
Proposition what are the possibilities what RPM different choose and solutions to completely and seriously face a different situation so Welcome to the session. My name is Shawna Shaw and we're going to spend the next 30 to 45 minutes.
We're doing So what are we going to speak? Well, 3 job situations around human resources are being the first one would be can see how to organize the label load standby or any other project that you may have but we see which kind of projects. We can trace with this different so.
The second situation will be to see how to manage the section workshops around training for example. Of course around any other subjects. Kurt situation we need to see how to coordinate a recruitment again using all the tools and different solutions that Office 365.
Provide to come to you and of course, all the users of Office 365 organization. So the goal of these stations again discovered tools from Office 365 that will actually in improving your efficiency, giving you.
2 solutions in terms of reactivity and centralization of the information.
So let's see let's go and let's see the first situation organize. The layer below standby or again any other.
The project, which is not too big a project for which you do not want to really involved all the different possibilities also heavy possibilities of other project management. We will see that few 365. You've got a few solutions that help you in this organizacion of.
The project of this size, so we will see 3 issues. How to get your official documents stored review from anywhere at anytime that will be the first issue brackets then.
The reflection around the issue. What are they different tools that we get to uh to be able to?
Set up reflation to organize these reflection around these organizing project and we set the output change quickly with all the implicated stakeholders, so for that. We had just needed to go to.
The wet because most of the solutions are available on the web for that it means that you will have to connect to.
Your Office 365 account again on the web once you've done so you drink again. Your credentials and getting the password will be connected to your account online again, you will have at your disposal all the applications.
Honey provides to you through again this Office 365 online account.
For that US.
Several possibilities the first one again, he when you want to to organize a project too big but you still want to use modern communication Ways and share information included.
Sing some documents and if you want to really have a follow-up of these documents. There is available on the office 3651 solution which is a new kind of social network enterprise social network, which is called Jenner.
If you look at these uhm lot of applications which are available directly from your home page. In Office 365 or 9. You have along other once you've got shared something called again, this is a new entrance.
That we let you will soon discover that communicate very easy with all the stakeholders in your project so she afraid sample again. The label on standby but could be any other one the interesting thing is that true can from this.
Social network imply people.
From inside your company but also from outside your body in in some project or on some project. It may be very, very useful and helpful to be able to impact people at the same time internally and externally so here is the homepage of Jammer.
In a few seconds on the left, you got the navigation, pane with all the groups you are. You are subscribed to or you that you are member of both internally. This is the company. This is external groups so outside of with people outside of your company.
With us.
Here in the iama home page. At least the discovery to see who has already created groups and is already has already an activity in Yammer is here. It's discovered some of different gamma groups.
The low.
Off and they are the ones that so is again the use that you can have sure in the manage label hosted by our project in the?
Left person part, you have share the creation of a new group, so if we click here. You we've got a pop up that shows us 2 possibilities. The creation of an internal group and the creation of external and both sides to collaborate with people inside your company or outside.
You have to deliver the name of the group and then here you will be able to add people. Of course, if its internal group will find people and take people big people from out inside your company so will be directed linked to the direct link to young directly. Sorry.
Your Company Directory Course and then you will have to decide whether it's a public or private access. Public anyone can Jude conversations and participate in to the conversation or private access only group members can view and post in this conversations.
Then decide whether he's the group or not, and then you click on create to create the group or again. External group and in this case you have to add people that maybe from outside your company and then just decide whether which persons will be able to see your conversation and post messages.
You're only members from other networks, soaproot, members from other networks, so other yammer groups or only members from this book that you are creating at this exact moment, so once you have created so I will not create another one that takes us to create another.
This one for example, an external group what will be the advantages of creating group web. Many the first one, is that you can instantly have new conversations with the whole campus or the whole list of member that means that you can instantly share.
Communicate with all the people of course, just posting welcome message for example. Of course, any other information that you may find interesting during the management of the project. So here you will have the possibility to create new conversations and J 2 C.
Missions to help with post this one and of course, you can see also.
Or other conversations interesting things in terms of communication regarding the situation. The first situation in such can again so create share something with a group you can create your pool that's very interest.
In terms of of communication if you need to care for advice from other members members or if you need a 12 jacket decision so that's very, very.
Which way to go for example?
And then you have, I think this was all 3 answers OK, UM next?
My phone.
And you see that you can even each time you can have add another answer for the reason if you if you take this other possibility to have fixed one and 61, etc. You can add people to modify and if you post. This all members of the group, which will see the.
Be able to answer.
Of course, you will be able to underwrite you see here members, so you can add more people. So here for example, I have persons included members already members as it is an external group, which is private you can see this year, only members will see.
Good one Sir, but then you will be able to chain to give a new update a Newport praise someone enter the name of the person that you want to to praise so for example, this one. What are you present for is content constant sorry?
It means that you rank your project over around the project you can really.
Uhm I know, but give life to your project through new conversations pause phrase pronouncements. So you have all the possibilities in terms of communications first change in terms of communication on the right part where we?
Does he have the possibility of course is such a group she looking for something that she will see something which is called info. And here it should click on it, it will be able to add a cannula. Edit you can add a Lynx or of course information so she is the new information at just copy the link so if.
Life is a possibility you have to create a link to something interesting share for example, the peace at least information.
Um dedicated to the group and related to the the activity of a group share pins. You can even have documents so they could get select from the fight on yammer, meaning in one of the Yammer groups.
Or just adding from your OneDrive when drafting you know the storage space that is given to you via the company by Office 365 and in this case you can explore all your OneDrive 5 because you may have several personal.
Professional personal once over Tibet also group ones share point once and in this case, one of your fish. The groups you are member of which are storage points in this case you can explore them and who and find a document.
Different that you can link so from one who you may drink a document to another one, so that's what's very just so in terms of collaboration. Still, you can if we go there and you have included in the Yammer group, so this is the name of the group again so you.
Conversations or conversations that have something called 5. That's again, the storage point, which is given to you. And when we will put 2 documents from your own computer. Of course, instantly all members of the group would be able.
To see.
So here for example, and you can select the files so you can approve document. What is interesting in this case is that everybody of course has access to people when I need everybody and everybody from the group everybody can.
On the document and you as owner of the document.
You can identify continue to file and you are, and you can decide whether this document is you want or not. We can see here that I have. I have declared this document being the last one if should mark so I can remove this?
Fuck and this document would be the change between the possible for all members to identified and chill. I consider being the owner that the document is finished so you can still relate contents to his file. You know which other flours well. Lots of information in terms of communication jobs.
Of course in terms of collaboration because if you needed to file.
The system, which truck all the changes and it will be very easy to restore a previous version, so for example, an Excel can't of course. I want to change the document the chart here.
Change the chart type I change it to chat dressing things. Also, which is not only related Yammer Group. Let Office 365 storage. You don't need to to say you're so she closed things document you can see the comments with.
Let's see um seized meaning that you cannot point you can reverse so we store. A previous version, so that's very interesting in terms of document management so in terms of if you have related project, which is not too heavy don't.
Buy lots of activities of management again in terms of document communication collaboration and what so ever. You can use this younger group, which gives you access to a lot of things.
In terms of in terms of cleanup project management like this, because you have communication with everybody. But you have pauses will instantly know what people think of your or get about some from all people, you can praise people.
Cool behavior that's very interesting and important to our people are oppressed by you are by your management and all the possibilities again of collaboration and and and which is a tablet not at least the possibility to have mixed groups with people from inside.
Why don't you are?
Off your
Company so I will push you man hope that's the vote. So we can really wear. Many committees to like conversation should we try to conversation to share a conversation with someone else also meant another group visuals about write a reply of course attached document.
Images of collaboration communication with a project again not too big is available in the Yammer group, so that's very, very interesting. The first possibility he's here to to organize groups general.
Enterprise social network.
Test possibility interesting thing, which is available to Office 365.
So instantly again we can share all the documents for complete review from anywhere at anytime. I remind you that each you are connected to the Internet. You only need the things just the connection itself. Then you just have your credentials once connected to Office 365 online you have access to OK.
Your calendar and these gamma goods that you can manage from anywhere again and it anytime anywhere from the word in the world and at anytime of course, wherever you want? How to organize their affection around in shoe. We've seen that because you can even ask again. Pull up document shared.
Citra how to exchange pretty with those indicated stakeholders because instantly when you use gamma group to deliver conversations in your own mailbox stupid received the conversations so if I open?
Sure, I have the conversation in the test extreme group is ready, so all newcomers and notifications in my neighbors and I will even able to answer to this group conversation direct and we see that when you are yeah, been added to test.
Speech using a general the second one is was 2 net reflection workshops around training. It means that you have to organize workshops. So the different possibility that you face is to try to manage the organization of this event, even more difficult than statement is our.
So external busters and in general partners, therefore, reducing that but we found another solution how to centralized exchanges between the various stakeholders. We have seen that. The Yammer Group was first possibility. I will show you another one, and I want to give an attractive and created dimension presentation or of course, is implying.
PowerPoint and I will show you a few things about over so the first possibility was the Yammer Group, which again is not is that it for a not treat project. The others, which you may have to again communicate and share information is the.
So what is the working within the Yammer Group, which is mostly self and the enterprise social network here is really something different you can create working group from 2 places 2 locations one on your computer?
The the chance to have outlook office 2016 installed on your computer and enough history 2016 to an outlook. Of course, so you can from our group, creative groups. Otherwise, you have also the possibilities to go again in Office 365 online and office 3.
I'm sure you also you can create groups and even change groups to to include external guests from from External Company. So when you are in outlook in your mailbox. You have here of course in the home tab you have.
In the end of the ribbon you have a new group, which is called groups and share us by pattern code new cook. So the group. The new group Working Group is not to be missed.
Miss with the the distribution list keep is not a distribution list as the pop-up says that could provides a place for shared compensations 5 and a group calendar and that's a big difference with the Yammer group immigrants the social network.
You can do many things here, the difference is that you have one difference is that you have included in the creation of the group of Google calendar. So if you choose a name for your group once you have decided whether it's public or private group and once.
Other members will whether you want to subscribe new members so that they also receive group conversations in their inbox, meaning that they don't need to be connected to the group. They will receive both in their group in mailbox and in their personal inbox also conversations once you have.
You will find the groups in your account so in your mailbox at the end of your older folders. There will be a new one code groups where you will find all the groups that you have been added to web first crab.
I've been added as members, so she I have already far groups that effective and more I can even have.
4 and of course I will get all my list of new groups.
With of course, the same behavior. As for the rest of the folder here from this group to these 2 means that I have 2 unread messages. So if I go to the text external, she's group again. I see that I asked to.
Green and red so it means that he had it to the folder group you will find all the groups. You again member of to share this one. I member of another one, etc. This is welcome message OK. Welcome to the outlook customer manager.
You can start a conversation a few group flies on active ET cetera. I will show you what it means and if I get to 6 extent. I fuck shit. The different composition, but that's not the only interesting thing in the groups working groups if you look.
Tab and in the ribbon you see that we are in the conversation, meaning that these are the conversations between all the group first and its members or between different members.
Here, I can.
Create a new conversation.
And buy new conversation is the new Mary, new message 20 minutes, you would with you on.
Mailbox but you can see that this message is addressed or intended to the whole group, meaning that this will be instantly received as a conversation in the group.
Or easier versus crap members directly they will receive the message thing in their own inbox personally inbox professional personal inputs, so you can now instantly send a message to all the group, so that's very interesting.
Now I think they also a calendar, which is shared the whole group and calendar here.
You see that there is also a group in the folder pane of of the calendar. You can right click. The request a new point. Modern new meeting request and if you ask for one of these again again again the.
Quest will be.
Sent to the whole group of course, you get a couple but also it means that you also have all the functions of Outlook scheduling your systems, the possibility to have categorized G possibility to have the chance of each meeting for group for example, you have to plan.
Um every current meeting each morning each Monday morning. For example, with Poles Member Group. You don't need to ever send them 10 minutes. If you have 10 members just send one day and it will be received and everybody will receive.
The the the request a meeting request in terms also of in terms of managing the.
Meetings request you have a new functionality that will be that you will be able to use in your management of these coordination reflection workshops. Organizacion see for example, you have something new, which is called new meeting point if you check.
Which is called fun time you will be requested to link outlook or your account now joke with this Phantom application and if an issue select link now you will be.
Connected to find time you will need to connect to your user account against.
So I'm connecting to find time and once connected you will be able when you create a new request. New meeting request or even if you answer to Maine. You can answer with these new meeting port and you can instantly see.
So you instantly are able to select time for your meeting you see. Now that's deselected if you click on next so you can of course, you have several options that you will have to discover the working hours of course again.
How to set up the the time zone the duration of the meeting by default and if you click on next in this case.
Location it can be an online meeting with you, even tell you about this one machine. That's also an issue in search to mail in your mail. You have and you creation request of meeting so this is not a traditional.
Is really amazed that you send to people proposing an invitation and people will select when they received the mail?
They received the mail they will be able to select.
Um options so whether they accept or not so we are not in the traditional meeting request. It's a new way of communicating in terms of reactivity that was one of the of the states other things like that where it sticks.
Uh now in the each people receiving this request without once I guess I agree with this time, no, I don't so you can answer mail by just sending this reply again, which you have here and reply with meeting full so again that will.
With which you can instantly find time for a meeting between you and your correspondence here train one.
So very interesting new feature so again when you create a group you have.
This conversations with everybody where everybody can do the conversations participate into the conversations like the conversations, etc, etc. You have a calendar to prepare meetings with anybody from the group instantly with all peep.
Uh but it was also nice.
Which is a storage online where you will be able to?
Shadow clicks.
Sure, there.
So this and see the place where you will be able to upload document size.
So once they are uploaded it would be able to scan the document with anybody.
From your organization from the outside very easy so it will be different from the other group, which was dedicated to only the members of group with a percentage to share with the outside, where I would say here once you select a doc.
Share it.
Of course in here, you have access to your directory, but you can get an inch and we fixing people from outside your enterprise will be able to view or edit. The document so the new whales communicate you cannot imply people from outside.
Good point so you people don't need to be member of the group. But at any time you can share this document with people from outside so again when we get back to 2 AM.
To outlook again, we have this conversation, she mailbox probably the calendar files and even a notebook that you can share with the old member groups to share right notes that are online and will be accessible from anywhere at anytime so lots of posts.
With his new book, if you need to access or to be a twist change between the various stakeholders instantly. There is a possibility well. I have 2 added excited just that I don't know why.
This version that I cannot keep it disappears only time but if you are in the calendar of your group, so of course, we've seen that here have positive.
Appointment but I can have a new meeting request. But if you get to the top here admitting there is something new, which is called Skype meeting so if you should take on Skype meeting uhm you can either instantly of course, you can even.
Is Skype meeting later? What you described meeting with Katie on meeting online that you flat? What is interesting here is that whoever received this meeting invitation so of course members of the group but?
Finally, people from anywhere because you can even add people from outside so anybody receiving this.
Meeting request with this automatically added link there will be instantly connected to your meeting.
And what is also interesting is that?
Vintage wait both all the possibilities of Skype in terms of what was it take it certain put out too?
To centralized exchanges between the various too, cool sequel that we have seen the the files, but now if you want to discuss.
Uh around them these work truck plant workshop 3. Sanders work truck. You can set a meeting now or later again excess as much as you could you either the normal meeting in a room but you don't need a room you just see?
Skype meeting create chance there is a link and now you can of course share you that stuff share window share PowerPoint on which people will be able to exchange. Even editing the document who editing the document with Skype, the meaning that you can improve.
Communication in terms of reactivity because you can try example instantly create the Skype meeting because because also you know who is available or not due to the relationship between Scampi and and outlook.
Work in Skype, you know who's available by just away unknown available first, but also because that's the same in outlook. So here you see that thread because I'm in a conference call.
So I'm not free so instantly you know, people are available for instant messaging for a phone call with Skype video conference or whatever and if so, you can again send this Skype meetings online and people clicking on this range do they have if they have?
Code or not they only need again browser Internet browser and are connected to the Internet to instantly join my meeting.
Um that then we'll be able to wear again, I will be able to share.
Uh my desktop the window. I will be able to instance invite more people and by more people. I also mean people from outside instantly. So a new way of communicating him again of sharing because you can share windows PowerPoint 52 author of this document we can see.
Lots of possibilities with these groups uh intricately linked to outlook and Skype Lee to again after an improved communication more reactive in terms of of. We've seen that in Skype, you can show.
Um so I will not see changes so at your disposal groups calendar.
Find book and if you go from if you go into A.
Online so if you go your mailbox online mailbox again, you will be able to create these groups also.
Can you speak in the same with the street leasing people also from?
So if you select online you see the same conversations calendar 5 notebook uhm.
So she was number my fine time.
Pussy propose different time for cheap.
Why we boot on my undesa quest from the group to decide are fine time for Microsoft outlook so this? What is preferred so we can even said, yeah prefer? No other options? Don't like any of these times then options you can propose a new debt.
Um cancels invitation show availability etc. So many possibilities again from this also.
You can get more and you can even even there. This is not completely but you get even half a task scheduler. Um photo up of tests dedicated to the groups with planner and you can even have your own site.
Get these whole site in SharePoint because they are officially if I you will be able to really share links information at the activity, so that that's where all this working group in share point.
To really, really manager video?
Group and bigger project, so long to compete with this working group.
OK, that is one solution to face the different situations that you have again chair conversations calendar files. Newton connectors can you connect your poop to other social networks? I would say?
So you can procedures connectors to keep current with content and updates of interest from other services featured spreadable even feed size jeans. Jitra so lot of possibilities coming with workgroups along with conversations calendar and storage file storage.
But you will be able to share documents.
If we go back to our.
The situation, said one coordination of agreement out organize all the invoked Department where you have seen up to each other. Different applications out to organize interview video collaboration, according to their value EG well, I would just give you again this.
That with the group you can.
Exchange conversations or communicate you could have meetings.
Uhm you can share documents.
Anywhere in the world.
The notebook and shit.
So that's the OneNote online so of course, it's based on my notes. Uh not taking it at your computer with office 2016, which can have it online so all the possibilities and of course, the site with with with which you are going to.
Uh communicate, but on a much higher level than gamma group because you can add some site contains different pages, giving the of course, also information also you will have a recap.
Uh every Portables then you have duties from members of after poop, you and share files. You can get organized well. Lots of things available in share point just by creating these working groups so.
Very very important new way of communication of communicating with.
With this working group where we have seen the Yammer groups there. We have seen Sky P to be able to know when to join people uhm at which time because their relationship with goofies when you're in calendar, even online.
Go to 2 people, you can have in your mail when there is a mag usage. You see that trying to work is available. You can already send it so stages.
Instantly you know who is available or not, and you can start a conversation with someone using again Skype again new way of communicating and sharing.
Well, so hope.
We have seen all the ways groups Skype Jammer SharePoint Access twice every so we have seen also should possibilities to in around human resources that we have to manage project whenever it is so thank you for.
Your budget pension uhm and hope you like the best.
Possibly, thank you. Bye.

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