How to search with Office 365: find what you need

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Always access the latest reports and uploads, wherever your colleagues are based. Discover how OneDrive, Delve and Yammer enable you to quickly find documents and information.

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • Learn how to search quickly and effectively with Office 365
  • Find out how Office 365 tools work and interact

Training content:

  • OneDrive :
    • Search cloud folders
    • Search your intranet
    • Search a specific folder
  • Delve :
    • Find a contact
    • Search content
    • Add a board
    • Search by keyword
  • Yammer :
    • Global search
    • Search in a specific group
Hello and Welcome to the short training session on office move training. This sessions related to usage situation and this particular. One is entitled search. Find what you need my name is Steven Ryan and I'll be your trainer for this sort session.
In this makes session will look at a particular situation and then see how different products in Office. 365 subscription can help us deal with the situation will start by looking at OneDrive. Then Yeah, Matt and finally we'll see how death can help us. It's a presentation about use possibilities. You can use the rest of the curriculum which will look at.
Any action going forward.
So this is our situation your coworkers are distributed across different locations and some of them are telly working. You don't want to base. Their latest updates work up codes latest report submissions and you don't miss out on modifications made to documents by your colleagues. So let's see the other various Office 365 tools can help us in this regard, but
Just have a quick introduction to the Office 365 environment.
So Office 365 is a subscription service from Microsoft that gives organizations are cloud based environment, not only for communicating with colleagues and working together collaboratively but also for the storage of files and documents and so on Office 365 provides organizations with cloud based mail service or exchange online. The cloud based communication tool and service through.
And also cloud based websites through SharePoint online and not only that, but also with online versions of the office applications such as word Excel PowerPoint and OneNote.
You can access your Office 365 subscription by navigating your web browser to and this can be done for all kinds of devices such as notebooks tablets, PC's and mobile devices.
When you log into this URL so excuse your homepage. Or your landing page where you can either click on the icon in the top left corner.
Which we refer to as a start menu online or on the landing page itself the home page. You can click the different tiles available to access the various available services such as mail in calendar. OneDrive Yammer and the office applications. The online version of the office applications such as word online PowerPoint online etc so.
That live online demo environment.
So here we can see the home page of a Office 365 tenant at an Office 365 subscription and we can see on here all the tiles that we can click on to access the various services and applications available mail in calendar. And so on, and there's are online versions of office applications.
Up in the top left corner is our start menu. Online button and this opens up and shows you the sort of tile launch or the Apple watch with a different tiles available notice that when you hover over these tiles. You can see they have an ellipsis button next to them. If you click on that allows you to unpin unpin different tiles to this, launching pad to this start menu.
Click there to unpin the planner app from the app launcher. For example, so if we click on view. All my apps. We can then go and select an application from list to add back to our start menu. So we could add the planner tile back again or we get a different one for example, store so click on the store and we click on the little Italy.
Nuts and pin tap launcher and if we look in the start menu. Online and button at the top will see the store tile is now on the launcher. You click on the Office 365 link to get back to that original home landing page. Let's do that to get back to the homepage.
Just a couple of things on here as well. There's a notifications bar appear if you get recent notifications there appear in here and your settings are available by this cog icon so if we click on the little cold up here in the top right corner and you can modify things such as your theme here so you change your look and feel and the environment, so let's select you can see that's different color?
Isn't this various icons and a couple of more animated and Sciences cats and robots and all sorts of things will choose Lego bricks. For example, for this one.
Click on save.
And we can also change our landing page. I'll start page. So it is set to the Office 365 home page. Which is the page. You can see here we can click on this drop down list and select another page, so for example, you typically go to your mail pages. You'll start put in the morning. Then you can make your landing page. Mail click on save to say that next time we logged in will find.
First log into the system you can also do things like modifying notifications and change your password and modify language and time zone settings here as well. We'll leave it at the moment there and so to launch these different applications. You can either click. The tiles on this home page or from any part of Office 365 from any page. You can just click in the top left corner on the start menu.
And the selected appropriate tile so it just open a couple of these up showing how quick it is to access the applications and switch between them, so click on the mail tile to prop mail.
And we could see how mail application loading from outlook so member outlook is still 3 components. Essentially, there's the mail component. A calendar and the contacts or people as it's known in Office 365 and you can see that the theme that the Lego bricks. Type thing I selected. This is sort of permeates throughout the product is available in each of these products as you'll see so there.
The mailbox because then also click in the.
Start menu again click on the calendar tile to open up the calendar to 60. How easy it is to quickly switch between these various applications of components and there's our calendars and then we could do the same to switch for example, to people to view our contacts.
And again, you can see this theme permeates throughout the different component parts.
OK, we go back to the landing page again.
And then will head back to the slides for a moment.
So that was just quick introduction to the Office 365 portal environment. So we saw the URL to connect anyway. So they can see the different tiles are able to click on to launch those applications and we saw the start menu. In line button up in the top left hand corner. Let's launch all applications by little mini tiles in the start menu.
Caitians components and see how they can help us in this particular situation so the first thing to look at is OneDrive.
So we wanna drive you can use the online storage capabilities in Office 365 of the one drive service to access your documents from anywhere at anytime from any device. Essentially we got Internet access and that way. You work, and document type searches will be much easier even when you're working remotely so for example, you can click on.
Find in the OneDrive storage facility and right click on a document example and open the document share the document. People view the permissions on a document and modify those missions. You can download a document. You can view it's version history of those kinds of things and I'll show you those in a moment in the live environment.
You can also use the search tools available in OneDrive to look for sort of relevant content and information and that can be all every type of content or you could just search for people specifically or conversations or even videos so each search can be broken down by sort of content type if you like.
So simple refined searches.
So you can do a search in OneDrive up in the top left corner just for a sort of phrase or word. For example, and then I'll show you all the documents that have that as part of the title in the document example.
Or you can do it more refined search where you can use a search and then insert shoe. Your share point sites. Find the documentation and at the top you can see that it's split into different categories. That say it's in French, but it's it's in all or people conversations or video so you can look for specific types of content rather than just all types of content.
Down that search and refine it somewhat.
So that's going to look at that again in the in the live environment.
Save my office is 5 landing page. You can either click. The OneDrive tile. From here or you can click it in the start menu. All I'll do is actually right click on it, and choose to open in a separate tab so you can leave that home page loaded as well.
And we can see if we got the famous files and and have OneDrive location. You can see a few menu items up here that says things like gnu so you can create a gnu gnu types of content word Excel PowerPoint content. For example, you can upload files into your OneDrive folder from local machine and you can also have this sync button that allow you to sync.
Hold it with your local computer as well. So OneDrive is like a storage location. Cloud based storage location to that. You store your files and share them with people and so on. So when you click it when you look at a file you'll see next to this ellipsis button. You can do things like select the file over the left hand side here and then you'll get a menu appear at the top.
All the kind of things you can do to that file and open it in its application or open in the online version of the application. The office application to share it to get a link to it download. Delete move it, etc. Rename it and look at this version history. You can do thinking will says by right clicking on a document gives you the same capabilities, but in a sort of right hand right click can't.
And you can also use the ellipsis button. This little 3 dots next to document to open up the same menu as well. So these are the things you can do to a document for example, so you can do things to say like open it in the application. So you could open a spreadsheet in Excel online. We can open it in the full Excel Version Office. You can share a document.
You click on share and you get the ability to share it via an invitation so you going to invite people to share that document. You can give them betas to view permissions, so you can type in the name of the user.
And then provide them with the editor. View rights matter message for the invitation as well. If you want to send many limb email invitation till it know they're getting this shared resource. The other way of inviting is rather doing invitation on per person. You can do it via link where you create a link either. An editor review type link and that could be either anonymous.
So it can require a sign in with with a couple of corporate account and then you just provide the link is as a copy so you create the link and you can copy that link it's in here.
I just painted into instant chat window into an email for example.
So if I went into Skype for business for example, I could then.
Send a message instant message and then just paste that URL of it just copied from the link in their instant message window.
I do that here.
Sort of pace it in there just paste in the URL.
To that particular document and also provides the access token as part of that link to given the rights whether you decided to give an edit link or reviewing any link. For example, you could also do the same thing and paste into an email and do the same thing there.
OK on the shared with just shows you how it's currently shared with and what their rights. Are you can stop sharing from there, you can do advanced permission settings or by the advanced button just gives you an idea the kind of things you can do in terms of sharing that said, you can download it. Sit down at your local copy to work with offline for example, you can look at the version history so.
It's been multiple versions of that document you can see who's worked on it when when it was last modified who buy if there's any comments made on it, and you could even use the drop down list and then sort of get back in time to the other view the older version. Delete it or even restore back. The older version. If you want to need to so that's quite useful so I don't wanna drive.
Nothing will show here is to do with searching superior to our situation. You want to search for content. So you gotta search button up in the top left corner. This is in the new version. This is so that you can. This is the standard version of search so I could do in a search in there for test for example, and that will come up with a list of apps documents that have the word testing or other parts of the body.
You can then either select one that's found in the list. We click on search. Everything and that will then return a list of all those documents and you could then you look for the one that you that you think are most interested in another way, doing a more refined search. This is all types of documents and folders and different things. Here is to use the classic OneDrive so that's good.
Corner could return to classic OneDrive shows you in a slightly different version of OneDrive is of you.
I won't use the search tool in there.
To do the same thing, so again if I you search up there.
And then to search everything so it's very similar in doing so, you can click on search everything.
It will then give you this web page with the documents in and you can look at previews of those documents are hovering over them you can also then filter your your search results by rather having on all results. You can do it by people. So it's only people that have the word test in the name for example, or conversations that have.
That word in there with none of those anyway. But more videos, that have the word testing as well. So there might be some video content that are looking for that has a that key word for example, it OK.
Just got back to OneDrive again.
OK so you can use that as I said, OneDrive for you know quick searches when you're looking for relevant content and information for example using keywords and might only use it. Can I search by documentation, but also for people conversations and videos as well? Let's head back to the sites for moment.
So originally we saw the simple search. We just type in the sort of menu. When you view of an drive. You type in a word, and just get all the documentation. They have that word in like keyword in returned and they refined search is the one where you can look for results of a certain type so either by file type or buying whether it's all.
All results or just people are just conversations just videos and that's up there.
So the next we're going to look at his yama.
So for example, we want to your colleagues publishes a document hammers are very useful tool for informing all those relevant interested parties and contacts quickly and simply about those latest updates.
So a very simple to use again, you can do searching within Yama and you can sort of search for content regardless of you know if you don't know where it's located doesn't matter. You could use the global search box to find content regardless of where it's located sort of global search or if the document stated in a particular group. You can use targeted search within the groups in.
And you could do things in terms of following uses and following contents. When you find something out that documentation are interested in you? Can follow that or if you find a user you're interested in following you can follow that as lots of that social networking aspect to yama?
So we have a look at what we can do in Yammer in the live environment now.
So, just like other applications, Jammers available as a one of the tiles on the on the start menu. And on the home page. This iama has it same tile so you can see in here looking at this Yammer Group.
And I can post updates, so I can.
Post updates bounce documentation have you seen this latest report for example.
And then I could decide who I want to post this update do you want to see this notification this update so it can be all company just sort of cultural group or I can add specific people from the list. In my group as any competent people in this group as happens anyway. But I can add people individually. So I could get rid of the old company, if I only only one.
Vivian and a couple other people in my team for example, I can then also add the file so I could uh profile.
So this happened, it as a sort of American then to send that offers a post.
So there's my post just been updated so people can then you know when they're browsing the group can see that life just reposted it. They can do other things. Well, they can do. Lots of social networking things like like like the conversation reply to it share the conversation, so you click on share and you can share it with another group by posting in a different group or you can send it to private message to someone.
You can also click on the ellipsis button here and so you feel the things you could do so stop following a conversation view the entire conversation. Bookmark it for reference. Later on, you can have a email that message to yourself and you can hide the conversation. If you're not interested in it or delete it if it's one that you posted.
Now you can also do things like follow people so you can hover over the person so if I hover over Vivian for example, over here, you can see that I can see it a little contact card about that user mobile number work number email address. And so on, and I could then also follow that user so I can receive future posts in this user by following them.
And you can see that I can do the same thing to their their post down here. I can follow it. I could follow in my inbox as well so that means they follow that conversation. I'll get new replies in my xamarin box and that yammering boxes up here by the way in the top left corner. Next your home button is the inbox button and that's where you can see your messages that come through.
Positions you're interested in that you're following off from people's private personal messages as well as also notifications button here that tells you about notifications like if you got new followers or you followed someone else or this some new content that you're following related to a conversation that kind of thing.
I see it's also search box. I can use Yammer for searching for content. So this is what we wanted us to find some content so I can start just type in a sort of keyword.
Search an item.
And I'm going to get another select an item from the list. I found also you will search results.
I come to you the full conversation, I can just look look at very brief preview of that which is the one I just posted officer moment ago and you can see a good option.
Do things like share that again. So I get the same sort of share this with a group or send it via private message.
Anna can also download that document, I can go to the file and open it, I can follow document if I followed it already as well, or conversation.
I can also click on the file itself just click on that link to file that opens up in word online. So I can preview it. So you can hear it, see here that we sort of have an interaction between word online and Yammer itself, so this is like a small word online preview page. Within Yammer and I can then browse through that document you can see.
Give me a print it download as PDF.
Feel the things will get help on it, so and also down the right. You can still see it. The same sort of capabilities for sharing it downloading as well. I'm going to file properties from here.
Slick in across up here to close it down again.
And you can also see him, yeah that you can have their group, so you can get suggested groups. You can join groups. You can browse for new types of groups. You can create your own group and that kind of thing to join existing groups to collaborate with other people and with the content they're producing so typically have a team.
Group or something like that, they're working on this field, things you can do also anytime with just posting updates. You can have poles. You can create your own polls in here, you can praise people so you can praise a person select some type in the name.
And then you could use these sort of icons in here to this idea would be praising for so perhaps some good work on project or something like that, and you can also do announce this as well to announce things again to the company or to specific people by supplying their names up here.
And the loss of interest to chat box. You can see the bottom right corner here search. The chat box. Open up that shows you which people online from your group now and you can start to chat with him within that, so if you're collaborating on a bit document. Perhaps you just uploaded it and then people started to reply and comment on that document you could then have also converse.
The chat window down here as well.
OK let's get back to the slides again.
So you're going to help us in terms of looking for content finding the latest publications of report and documentation using the searches to find people subject. Some groups that were interested in and we can then follows conversations follow those people.
And the last piece are going to look at is the Dell product.
So still looking for information on the latest publications and and updates, so delve is helps us. Discover information that is most interesting to you so sore right across the Office 365 environment. So you can use it to find information again about people and then help others to find you and also to find other documentation. You could do things that you can click on someones name or picture.
What organs they currently working on learn more about them you don't have to know the title of a document or it's stored used Delta collects information for you based on the content that's available shows you the documents whether this stored in OneDrive for business, or site in SharePoint online Office 365.
So when you get this sort of gathering information. An overview of that content. You can see here for example, we've got some pages where there's some French lie, but I'll show you the English one moment that shows you these contact with these cards of content content cards and you can click on them and say.
Abort and we could use boards in Delta Group and share related documents so for example, you can create a board collector project documents of your team and then board sort of make it easy to collect to discover content and they're easy to share with other people too. You can also as you track documents and find contact you like you can add to your face.
Document your favorite you can add aboard your favourites and then when you find it just to just click on the star in the top right corner have a contact card and add it to a favor board in that way. Only Dell venue shows you documents that you've already got permission to access so you won't see content that isn't available to you so that it takes away their frustration of trying to click.
Access them when you don't have access to them, so only shows you to stuff that you have access to an permission to view and any other people again. We have to see any of your private documents. If you haven't given them rights to do so. So let's have a look now in their lives over and see how it's not easy to find people in documents Internet. I'll just show you that.
Let's we had to contact how to board to show you what it looks like on the in English page. There's a place some of these sub content cards here and you can click on the stars up in the top right corner to add them to your favourites and you click on the add to boarding at the bottom to Adam to a board or to create a new board and then start to build up content that's evident.
But in in Delph, so let's show, you that in the live environment what it looks like.
So again Delph has its home tile on here, you can see the delft. I like what you got one open in the next tab. So to switch over to that, so this is what day looks like on the home page for user so I think on home here. This is the page are actually already could call me. It shows you. That person is PPS relates to and showed him face melt their profile.
You can see where recent documents, they worked on so on, so if I under people. If I got other people. I've connected to before when I want to give you what they're working on so this my team of coworkers could be listed under people like and then click on that person's name see their content information on the content cutting the contact card and I could see documents.
Only I can see all and see all the documents have been working on this is where you could do things. Add them to your favourites, so you can click on a button up here had to remove it from favorites. If I go to my favorites list over here now you'll see that this ones on there. So I go back to this page and add this one. Let's go back to that full view.
Listen to favorites that will now be added to my favorites in there, so we got 2 documents in there.
And it just shows you constantly working on so these documents that have been good as author modified or sent to an email attachment. So it's kind of gathering the information together and it shows you information about the document itself. You know what is created in and where it's located these on a team site summer share point and you can add them to board so you can add this to your existing board.
Documents that board in Delcy Kaplica created you sort of team board or something like team.
BH list group for example, that then creates this border that certain what I do is just put type in the name of press enter move now got bored listed as well, and therefore when you're selecting other boards. You can then either again create your own board or just click on the board and choose add to that. Port we go and look at the board now will see those 2 bits of content it.
Here so I can travel in the team for example, to look to look at will also see boards listed under favorites as well. So again to favourites. You can see we got favorite documents. You favorited and also a favorite board do you favorited?
You can also click on these buyers heads you get a bit more information about that particular item.
And you've also got search capabilities within delve so let's go back to the top here and then type in.
A search phrase example, so I'm just typing the word calendar in there, says now. Give me different results for Canada so different. It's a content they have that verify that word has been found somewhere in the content and then layoff me again to then add these to feet to my favourites up here. So get that. These other documents that I haven't yet gotten my favorite, saying now listed in favorites as well.
And notice also want to found a document I can then also actually select the document. Just click on it in there and then all that open up that particular application. In this case word online. That's the word document and you can now see that I'm looking at the document in word online.
And you can see that I've got the option to print it and share it had comments to it from here as well.
I can also choose edit document and then I get the option of either reading it in the full version of Microsoft Word or I can open in word online within this application. Choose edit in browser and effects are now turning word online into editing the doctor directly using word online tools.
OK, we just close that tab down again switch back to delve.
OK, so it's good way of finding content and people that you might be interested in related typically rather particular topic or subject or project or client or something that you're currently working on with your coworkers.
So the tools you've looked at briefly in this session can help you to quickly search for and find latest versions of your coworkers documents online.
You can use OneDrive and SharePoint sites provide this simple search tools to find the files. You're interested in users can use Yammer to share information or post updates, but information about documentation with interested parties to make sure they get the aware of the latest updates and publish publications reports documentation too.
To your coworkers working on the same projects together or on a particular client, for example.
And then delve can be used to as we solve view that information gather information. Search for information added to favourites. Add it to boards that create boards of interest within delve so delve is really just sort of repository gathering of information from different repository's like, OneDrive and SharePoint sites and so on.
To be with that information together. That sort of most interest to us on Arkon our coworkers.
So there are several post training resource is available to you in the MC environment is furthering heart job training experience so you can review recordings of previous webcast sessions. You can access relevant video tutorials review usage scenarios, and situations provide feedback on your experience and you could also access big specific.
Groups on Yammer so get further information to extend your support and to collaborate and communicate with other people who are interested in the same content or attended the same sessions.
I'll just show you also we can get access to the book website to get access to that material. We talking about here for the post training resource is.
So this your MC homepage. Online training portal for Office 365 learning and training needs and you can view browse courses by all or by use cases only or by product types or by the getting started range, which is something office applications that kind of thing office Excel 2016 outlook 26.
2016. New features for example, and then when you find a course you're interested in you can click on it.
And you can see the price of progress, brushing your progress over that particular course. You can see when next available sessions are a particular web conference. You can view the webcast once it's been uploaded you could look at usage situations.
Again, familiar little videos of usage situations. There may be one or more of those you can also view video tutorials based on the different.
Products that you've been using in the discussing in the session and there's also linked to Yammer group, so you can log into the Yammer Group and then get access to other people to collaborate with and get support and sort of tutoring support on an index price social network like gamma.
So that concludes this short session. Thank you for your attention and we hope you can make the best use of these resource is going forward.

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