How to involve participants in decision making in a Microsoft Teams meeting?

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Meetings are essential to organize work. This discussion time is key to the exchange of ideas and information, the decision-making, the monitoring of work, figures, etc...

The remote meeting has become largely globalized and many benefits have emerged. Microsoft Teams provides a multitude of tools to make this discussion time as efficient and productive as possible. This course shows you how to plan, host and end constructive meetings.

When planning a meeting, we often include an agenda with a list of topics to discuss, but how to:

  •   encourage critical thinking?
  •   have inclusive discussions?
  •   Turn decisions into actions?

Training Topic: Enrich remote meetings with Microsoft Teams to respect decision-making processes.

Target Audience: Users interested in going further with online meetings management in Microsoft Teams.

It is recommended to attend first the session: "Running meetings in Teams" or to know the basics of scheduling or managing an online meeting.

Level: Intermediate

Means and Methods:

  • The training is carried out online with a virtual classroom tool
  • Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions
  • May complete the course with additional video tutorials

 Training Objectives:

Take on best practices to replicate a decision-making process during an online training session using Microsoft Teams’ tools.

Target skills:

  • Know how to organize and prepare a Team’s meeting ahead of time
  • Know how to use digital tools to make people collaborate remotely
  • Know how to use the group to exchange, prioritize, organize ideas resulting from the meeting
  • Know how to break down a working group into small groups
  • Know how to structure your meeting to optimize decision-making

Training Content:

  • Meeting organization and planning reminder
  • Collaborating on a whiteboard or third-party tool
  • Launching a survey with Microsoft Forms
  • Use the breakout room feature in a meeting
  • Finding the exchanged data at the end of or after a meeting

Context items:

Microsoft Teams is the root of personalized meetings. Recreate a classic meeting online using the same strategy: knowing how to draw participants’ attention and how to engage them throughout the meeting. Do you need a quick and intuitive questionnaire? Use  Microsoft Forms. Do you want to brainstorm to find a new idea? Use the  Microsoft whiteboard. Do you need to take notes all together? Then OneNote will be your best ally. These different tools combined make it possible to manage a meeting efficiently.

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