Have you thought of managers for your Office 365 end user adoption?

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With the deployment of Office 365, functional developments bring new business scenarios, of which staff end user adoption is a key issue. Therefore, how to encourage our employees end user adoption? 

While managers unanimously recognize the strengths of collaborative tools, according to various studies only 25% of them use them. And yet, these practice leaders will have to pass on their convictions and infuse this cultural change in their close circle. The manager's challenge is to constantly challenge and motivate his/her team. 

How can we help managers promote their role as end user adoption facilitators and accelerators? How can we help them deploy these new technological tools and get their employees to work with them? 

In this webinar, we will discuss the role of managers and their importance in adopting these new ways of working. 


  • Understanding the importance of managers in the adoption of Office 365 

  • Leading and guiding managers to succeed in digital transformation 


Plan du webinar

  • Introduction: Working with Office 365, what's the difference? 

  • Why are managers important? 

  • What are their missions? 

  • How do I guide and support them? 

  • Summary 


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The replay is available in the course page here : https://mooc.office365-training.com/en/training-courses/have… ;)
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Magnus FÄLTH
The webinar was great, any chance to get hold of the replay? thanks, Magnus :-)
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