Gain in productivity with advanced Features in Microsoft TEAMS

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Microsoft TEAMS is the focal point of collaboration within a team for the organization of work. Conversations, documents, apps everything we need is grouped in a single customizable interface.

But how can we not get lost in it? How do we optimize our use of Microsoft TEAMS, so we don't lose anything? How do we best organize when we are members of many teams and channels?

This course will show you how to apply advanced features and tips to gain in efficiency and time.

Training Topic:

Optimize the use and organization of Microsoft TEAMS.

Target Audience:

All users who want to advance their skills in the life with Microsoft TEAMS. It is recommended to attend these training sessions first: "Discover and understand Microsoft TEAMS" and "Promote exchanges with Microsoft TEAMS" or to master the basics of team collaboration in Microsoft TEAMS.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Means and Methods:

  • The training is carried out online with a virtual classroom tool
  • Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions
  • May complete the course with additional video tutorials

Training Objectives:

While getting acquainted with new tools and tips, you’ll find out how to work more effectively in Microsoft TEAMS and improve team or department productivity thru advanced features.

Target Skills:

  • Know how to customize the Microsoft Teams interface
  • Know the difference between apps, tabs, and connectors
  • Know how to add apps, tabs, and connectors
  • Know how to use advanced features in team communications
  • Know how to customize document views
  • Know how to set up an approval flow in a team

Training Content:

  • Customize your interface
    • Customize the Navigation Pane
    • Find your personal tasks and team tasks,
    • Access your notes (OneNote)
    • Unpin applications
  • Customize channels
    • Difference between tab/connectors/applications
    • Jira connectors
    • Add a team calendar to a channel
  • Focus on priorities
    • Manage teams (Your teams/Hidden teams)
    • Pin a channel
    • Archive a channel
  • Be more effective in communication
    • Who can create a tag
    • Create a tag
    • Assign a tag to a team member
    • Use tags in conversations
    • Record a conversation
    • Pin a team post/group conversation
    • See who read the messages in a group conversation
  • Collaborate effectively with others
    • Conduct a survey in a conversation (team/conversation group)
    • Validate a document approval

Context Items:

Microsoft TEAMS becomes the foundation of team collaboration. Do you need to communicate more effectively? Consider using tags  or pinning important conversations; And why not? Customize channel notifications to focus on priorities. Do you wish to identify duplicate documents or find files last modified today? Create a custom view. Do you need to validate a document or a decision?  Set up an approval in just a few clicks. These different features improve our daily work approach. It's important to know how to use the tools provided in a Microsoft TEAMS’ team.

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Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions

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