Do more with new features on Windows 10

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Discover how Windows 10 simplifies your everyday life. Indeed, Windows 10 is branded as the "most complete platform of all time" by offering a unique service, a unified platform for computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and all-in-one devices. And what if Windows 10 was also designed to make your work easier?

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • Discover how Windows 10 optimizes your daily work
  • Become familiar with the Windows 10 interface and its common uses

Training content:

  • Return of the Start Menu: Quickly access Office applications
  • Find your notifications and quick actions
  • Use the taskbar (pin: software, folders, files...)
  • Use the taskview
  • Make several workspaces coexist: Virtual desktop
  • Customize your work environment
  • Start with Cortana and get help
  • Make screenshots and manage your photos

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This course means attending a virtual class with a subject matter expert.

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