Discover How Excel & SharePoint Interact

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Make good use of the interactions between Excel and SharePoint to work collaboratively! Excel and SharePoint interact in many ways through various features. Find out how to use the online platform to create and share business information in order to encourage teamwork. As a collaborator, learn how to use connections between software applications to create and optimize SharePoint workspaces. In this course, you will discover useful resourcesto quickly acquire the skills you need for your daily tasks.

Training resources & methods:

  • The session is conducted remotely via a virtual classroom tool
  • It is a live session so trainees can interact with a trainer and ask questions

Training objectives:

  • Discover how Excel and SharePoint interact
  • Improve collaboration on Excel documents
Training content: 
  • Save Excel documents in SharePoint from the heavy client
  • Encourage collaboration by mentioning users in Excel dashboards
  • Get alerts when Excel documents are modified and manage versions
  • Connect SharePoint lists and Excel
  • Display parts of an Excel dashboard in a SharePoint page



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This course means attending a virtual class with a subject matter expert.

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