Collaborative and storage tools: OneDrive and SharePoint

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Learn how Office 365 applications can stimulate collaborative and remote working: OneDrive to store your personal files, and SharePoint to work together with your teams.

Teaching Format:

  • Remote e-learning training session
  • Interact live with your trainer throughout the e-learning session. Ask questions and discuss points as they arise

Training aims:

  • Discover Office 365 collaborative and storage tools
  • Find out how Office 365 applications work and interact

Training content:

  • OneDrive 
    • Collaborate on a file or folder
    • Manage reading and editing permissions
    • Sharing methods (via link, email)
    • Synchronize
  • SharePoint 
    • What’s an intranet site?
    • Work as a team: Meetings
    • Store and co-edit files
Hello Welcome to the short training session on office make training. These sessions are related to specific products and tools and this particular. One is entitled Collaboration storage tools. My name is Steven Ryan and I'll be your trainer for this short session.
So, in this session will introduce some specific Office 365 products that can be used to facilitate collaboration online storage will start by looking at the OneDrive app in Office 365 for cloud based online storage and then we'll discuss SharePoint sites in Office 365.
The girls being to identify those Office 365 tools that can help to facilitate and simplify collaboration online storage. But if we look at these tools that have a quick introduction to the Office 365 environment.
Office 365 is a subscription service from Microsoft. That gives organizations cloud based environment, not only for communicating with colleagues and working together collaboratively, but also for the storage of files and documents.
Office 365 provides organizations with cloud based mail services through exchange online cloud based communication services through Skype for business online and cloud based websites through SharePoint online. The subscription also provides online versions of the office application. Sweet word Excel PowerPoint and OneNote.
You can access your Office 365 subscription by navigating the web browser to portal and this could be done for what kinds of devices such as PC's notebooks tablets and mobile devices, etc.
And when you look at it takes you to your home page or learning page where you can either click in the top left corner. The icon on top left corner, which you often refer to the start menu. Online as a sort of launching pad for various applications or on the home page itself. You can click on different tiles available there to access the various services such as mail calendar OneDrive.
And also the online office applications like word, and PowerPoint and so on.
So let's take a look now that live online demo environment.
So here we have an Office 365 subscription on the home page. Of this Office 365 tenant and we can see we got access to various styles hours to use various collaboration tools in office online.
You can see here we got tiles for mail and calendar and people and also tools like Yammer, social networking tool. OneDrive share point sites and also we can see tiles for the online versions of the office applications such as word, and PowerPoint and Excel and so on in the top left corner have start button or I start menu on.
Again, the access to all the various tiles available for the apps. We have and this is accessible from wherever we are in Office 365 not just smiling page. But from over. I can click on that button in the top left corner to access these applications. You can also modify this launch page. If you click on the 3 dots, which is the ellipsis button you can remove.
Tiles from this app launcher. This start menu. Button you can pin them for example, and then pin something else, there instead so we click on view all my apps.
We can select a different tile different applications. So perhaps the store. For example, we could then pin that there instead click on the ellipsis button choose Pinta app launcher.
And then when we click in the top left corner will see that the store tiles now headed to start menu launcher instead.
Will take Office 365 to get back to the landing page start page.
From here, we can see you got access to notifications that pop up on here help menu and then we click on the cog and we can see we have settings. So we can do things like change the theme the look and feel of this environment.
So we could do a lot of different options here for circuits and cats and robots and tiles and all sorts of things select brick.
Theme save that and we can also do things like modify the start page. So if you want to start in your mail application. For example, rather on this home page. This default homepage. We can select that in the drop down list click on save and the next time we log in how it will be loaded up on to the mail application. Start there rather than this home lending page. You can also modify.
Medication the change password and choose language and time zone settings, there as well. But that will be sufficient for the moment if you want to select your apps. You can have the second on this landing page or you can click on the apps in the tiles up here.
Click on a tile to launch applications such as mail order then open your mailbox. You'll see that theme is available here and permeates through the product again. If I click on that. I'll again and choose Canada tireless time will see the calendar app. Open up in outlook.
When again we can see that theme is there as well.
And there's a calendar OK will switch back to the home page again.
And then revert back to the slides.
So we saw how we can access the portlet portal How can access the tiles on the landing page. Home page and also access all the tiles available via the top left corner button start menu. Online tracks sold our applications and services from there.
Let's you wanna look at the first of the collaboration tools. We want to discuss in here.
And this particular session, which is OneDrive.
So you can use the online storage capabilities of OneDrive and Office 365 to access your documents for anywhere, anytime oversee from a different from multiple different device types and this makes working collaboratively much easier even when you're working remotely. So it's easy to do things like downloaded document to work with offline or you can work directly with it online.
Caperatus coworkers and colleagues in real time, using real time collaboration tools and Co. Authoring tools within the office online applications.
And when you select a document or right click on a document to access the menu for that item. There's lots of things you can do in terms of interacting with that document you can open it, either in the online version of the full version. You can share the document with other people. By using invitations more by supplying with a link to the document will see how to do that in a moment in the demo.
As I mentioned collaborate document in real time, so I could show multiple people working on the same document and see information about the other people working in the document where they are what the name is in the ugliness. You can view and modify the permissions on a document download local copies of it, then you can also restore the version history and view the version history of older versions of.
I will see all that information in the demo is just coming up shortly.
So when you share documents with people are those people automatically notified if modifications made the document as well. So when you share it with other users they'll be made aware of changes once you make those changes to a document.
So it's going to look at that in the live environment.
So from our home page. You can either select OneDrive. From here, we can select the tile for OneDrive.
In this case, I'm going to right click, it and choose open new tabs or so have a separate tab open with that on it. So we can see it's their title does OneDrive for business. This is the corporate version of OneDrive.
And we could see who could list of documents and folders and so we can create new documents directly in this location. So I can create folders. I can create word Excel PowerPoint OneNote files directly in this location. I can upload files from my local computer as well, using that play button to add them into this on OneDrive cloud.
And you'll see also have a sync button here that allows us to synchronise this OneDrive without other local.
Folder on local computer so you can take files offline work on them and come back. Online again later on re synchronized to keep those versions in sync with each other.
And to work with documents got a few options. You can either select the document radio button on the left hand side like so and then a menu appears at the top that let's you perform various actions on it like open that document in either the online version of the office suite or the full blown version, we can share the document get link to it.
Really delete move copy except to rename and also look at version history. We have those same options available. When we right click on a document file right click on that document will see the same options available in this context menu and also get exactly the same options available when it click on the 3 dots. The ellipsis button. You can see the same options available there, so you can see that we can open as he said.
Can share it so let's have a look at sharing it first in fact? What these are open a document in word online first so you can see that loading up mode online now.
And one thing to straightaway working online version so it says appeared document 3 saved so as soon as I start to type in this document. You'll see that changes to say saving and then very quickly or change today saved again.
Everytime make a sort of change that document or just say saving them very briefly and switch back to saved again. So you're saving documents automatically hence for farming. You'll see, there's no save option as a savers. But there's no save option because documents are saved on the fly as you work with them, using the online version.
Stored files.
So we can open it as I said there let's switch back to OneDrive you.
We sorrow civic do things like download it and so on, but we can also share it so I click on share.
I can share it with different people so I can share it by using an invitation here, so select user user 2 standards. Another demo account. I can choose whether they're allowed to have read only access to it using can view or they're allowed write permissions on it by choosing can edit I can add a message as well to send them as part of the invitation.
Requirement to sign in rather than using accessing anonymously and I can send an email invitation to that user that let's them know that documents been shared with them. So when I click on share on that document be shared with that user.
Just says that they are updating one items that's being shared now will see that changes from saying only you to see user 2 dot standards. That's now shared with someone else. If it says only you then basically the document isn't shared it's just you. That's able to see it locally only.
The other way of sharing it and if I go back to click on share again is to share viral link. So I can use the link to share it with someone so rather than specifying a particular person inviting him specifically with invitation. I could just create a link so that could be a view link or an edit link and it could be one that requires sign in with the corporate account or one that doesn't say.
Link with no sign in required for example, you can select that click on create then generates a link and that link can be copied somewhere so we could then select that right click, and copy it and then for example, paste into instant message chat window in Skype or into any message or something like that, and then post it off too.
So they could access that link and then when they sit view that link they'll be able to access the document based on the privileges of signed in this case would be anonymous access. But we just view only so read only access in this particular case.
So able to share it anyway with that with that user so if we switch over to.
Another browser is the other user just minimize this slightly.
So over here in a different browser have logged in as another user so on here. I'm locked in as user one DOT standard. Or she's actually John Doe.
And in this other.
Browser here, I'm locked in the user to the one that we just shared the document with a moment ago, so we can then open up OneDrive on this.
Our subscription here's we click on file showed me this has happened to French menus. That's being used on a different demo. But we click on shared with me partager back. Mark and see documents that been shared with me that you're going to finish. That view to see the recent documents that been shared.
And we should see our document 3 document. We just shared there. It is just been modified recently and shared by John Doe, which is high user one account.
And I forget the Tower of the users already in that side that document and just edit. It modified it. So we can now also open it as a different user so I choose that on there and choose open with word online.
You'll see a couple of things appear straight away, so in this in this mode in as user tube. He's been accessing as a share, I could decide whether I want to.
Edit that document and argues editing word either full of version of word or can I do it in browser?
Let me say it allows us to start editing the document and you'll see that as soon as I do that pops up, with a little notification here showing me that another user ID John Doe is currently working in the document shows me where he's working with this little flag and there's also a tip that pops up. In this power at the top to show me where he's working on it as well, and show me editing online similar if I then stop.
Changes to this document and switch back to the other view will see that that user is also flagged as working in that section of the document and that their editing that document from there, so we see we got real time. Coauthoring and collaboration by virtual factory using online applications to access these online files stored in OneDrive.
And that we can see with fresh but he was editing, it and we can see a flag that tells us where the writing it.
OK, well, just close that document down in that browser switch back to the other view again.
And go back to OneDrive and the last thing to see in here is the version history information. So if I going to click on the ellipsis or right click on it, and choose version history or access it from the menu. All the same thing that shows us our version history fact document so you can see who's been working on it. When how many versions. There are a lot of ideas the size change.
Comment made on that particular change and we can also use these drop down lists in here to look at the previous version, so you can view that previous version, we can. Delete it and we can even restore back again. If you want to restore back. A previous version of that document rather than the current one, so that's version history, you can see within every document stored in here.
Getting on the document type you select it's a word document your options open in word online or word whereas if you select a PowerPoint document your options change to choose to open in PowerPoint and PowerPoint online.
I can switch back to the slides.
So we saw how OneDrive can be used as a storage location. We can upload files. We can create new files in there. We can synchronize with the local directory on drive directional local computer and we can see which documents are shared with who we can share documents download them get copies of them look at version history and also work in real.
Other authors multiple offers simultaneously on the same document.
So the next time we ought to look at is SharePoint and SharePoint sites in Office 365.
So we can use Internet sorbas sites in SharePoint as part of the Office. 365 subscription to allow us to work in teams storing and sharing files again. Co editing a document simultaneously sylvanas how we saw in OneDrive and they contain these sites contain these like document libraries and lists and.
To work collaboratively online and also to get version history as we saw in OneDrive as well.
Let's have a look at that in the live environment.
So I'm use a slightly different Office. 365 subscription for this just got some content already in their sub sample sites so again I can access the SharePoint sites by clicking on the tile in here or I can use the start menu. Button appeared to click on share point again. I'll open up. But in new tab.
I can see some sightseers about it to type the following all recent you sites. I'll click on the team site so you can see in here we got.
Recently used sites frequently sites we can also add them to favourites up here by clicking on these buttons to follow them and then not be listed at the followed sites up here. So it's like that, once like that one. They'll be added to following list and then we can select them. From there, we can separate from the bar in here.
So let's let the mbi S team site.
You can see we got some documents already loaded into here, so a similar there will be stored in OneDrive, you get access to different tools up here. So you can create new documents into this document folder or library. You can upload files from your local machine to hear you can use this to sync with local copies stored on your local computer and then.
Wow, you can access to the same sort capabilities of sharing files again using the invitations or links of actually going to share their you'll see that and if I recall more you'll see the same type of Dropdown. List the contact spend that we saw in OneDrive. Similar you can do the same thing by right clicking all document get the same menu and again by clicking on the 3.
This button what's different with this one is it's laid out slightly differently, and you can also get a preview. So when you right click a document. You just get the standard menu here. When you click on the ellipsis button here in SharePoint sites. You get a preview of that document in this window. You can open the document. From here, you can share it. Follow it and also when you click on this ellipse button again, you get those same options.
Click on the document down here, so again if I do something like share the document will see we get the similar options before invite people in here by entering their names.
And then decide where they want to give them read write sort or edit rights as well.
But they won't send any learn Invitational. Not so very is very similar. It's not quite the same dialog box are very similar to our box to what you see when you're working and sharing documents in OneDrive, so that's the one option, inviting people that way, and similarly we can also use the get link option to create links again. They can be anonymous or corporate links and they could be view already links.
And as I said, before you can do the other stuff as well. You can open the document again. The same thing that would apply if we open this document in word online and work on it online. We can use real time. Coauthoring with other people simultaneously. We can get download local copies of far one again. We can also look at version history file.
In much the same as before.
And again, you options for viewing delete again, restoring that her version back again.
Can I preview different on here for preview a slideshow again. You'll see that many view of that slide share presentation in the preview window. Let's actually move through the slides even in the preview window.
OK so let's head back to the slides again.
So much to say mostly sort of OneDrive, you can use these SharePoint sites as a collaboration tool, a collaboration environment for storage of files.
To get access to other people shared files to share files with them upload files synchronized with local machine preview documents open them access them coauthor them and look at the version history.
So these tools have briefly looked at in the session can help you to share and collaborate with your coworkers on documents. Both online and offline Office 365 itself gives you access to those applications by the landing page. Start page or online start menu.
OneDrive provides that cloud based storage location for files. They could be shared with coworkers and we saw that from OneDrive, you can open documents in the full office version of the application or that the online version of the app. Both viewing Android editing purposes. That includes working in real time collaboration with colleagues on the same document simultaneously by using those Co authoring capabilities that we saw.
We're working with online files stored in OneDrive or in a document library in SharePoint. We sort of moment ago and you can use SharePoint sites technique create team sites upload and share documents with your colleagues and again use that real time, Coauthoring to collaborate with colleagues on documents stored in SharePoint Document Libraries.
Now there are several post training resource is available to you to fold enhance your mood train experience. You can review previous web cast recordings access relevant video tutorials review usage scenarios, and situations provide feedback on your experience and you can also access mix. Specific groups on Yammer for more information and to extend your support.
Get access to those resources such as the videos and web casts you can browse the training site child just open up for you and show you in a browser.
So this is the mood Office, 365 home page for the online training portal. You can see you can browse resource is all courses or look at by use case. I usage situations or by product or by the getting started range, which is some of the things that new features of Office 2016 were you in outlook. You could look at courses on.
Word PowerPoint etc. SharePoint Skype for business and so on. I want you find a course you can select that course.
Click and it see more info. I will show your progress on that particular course. So far as a student you can see information from the course menu about web conferences. When the next next door. Sessions are you can view previous recordings of the web casts you can also view usage situation.
He ran to use case situations.
And you can access video tutorials for the products that are part of that particular course like everyone outlook and Skype for business, Yammer for example, and you can also access. This link here to log in and access. The Yammer group related to that course and interact with other people and collaborate and other people who use the same courses you.
Say that concludes this short session, like to think if your attention and hope you can make the best use of these resource is going forward in the future.
Thank you for your time.

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