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Coaching - Be more efficient with Teams App

In this training session dedicated to a small group (1 to 5 people), you’ll be able to go further with Teams uses. With the help of the trainer, be more efficient and optimze knowledge on the subject. Coaching session offers you to talk with the trainer and receive the answers to your questions.

Training tools :

  • Live training session with a trainer
  • Maximum 5 people on the session

Training objectives :

  • Go further into the comprehension of the tool
  • Use the software while being able to talk to the trainer

Training plan :

  • It’s up to you, depending on your needs !


December 20, 2018 at 4:00 PM GMT+01:00


This week, we present a new PowerPoint feature: 3D Animation.
We will explain how to make your presentations more attractive and how to integrate this new feature on your slides.
Find all the details in our article ➡️
After a year of work and development, we have developed adaptive learning on your MOOC Office 365 platform. We are happy to announce our new personalized home page and a recommendation index.

We will explain how it works.

Go check our new article now!
This week, we’ll detail learning paths content, objective and tools to help you.
Our learning paths have been created to access all the information you need on a specific subject.

More than 25 different learning paths are available to answer for all your needs on your Office 365 platform.
You have at your disposal specific learning paths for jobs, software and subjects.

For more information, click here:
Tips Alert !
I've heard from #teamtrainer that it's not mandatory to save our work on OneNote ?!
Phew ! I thought I lost it all...

As I said, on OneNote, no need to save because the saving of our work is automatic !
No worries, you can close you document without a second thought !

See you soon !
This week, we’ll detail the use of the backend on your own platform through the management and reporting console. As a manager, you have at your disposal various statistical tools. These tools allow to follow the progress of your users and to know the consultations of your content.

Do you want more information about backend and its features?
Go to the MOOC Office 365 Blog!