Analyze in depth your data with the Power BI desktop app

Time Length Icon 45:00 Video Icon 28 videos

Description of the course:

Power BI will allow you to create interactive reports to be shared with other users, who will be able to define decision making strategies, with such information. 

In some cases, however, the preestablished visualizations will not give you all the answers.  

In this course, we will show you how to create relations with dashboards, how to create your own measures to process complex calculations, all with the help of DAX language (Data Analysis Expressions) and how to analyse them and any other data as well.  

You will learn some tricks to resolve several issues that occur with data analysis and basic calculations.  

We will also show you how to deeply analyse visualizations and their interactions. 



  • Manage the interactions of the dashboards using the desktop app of Power BI. 

  • Analyse data with the proper procedures. 


Study Plan:  

  • Build reports with multiple dashboards.   

  • Create a calculated column.  

  • Use procedures to refine your calculations (Introduction to DAX language)  

  • Explore the visualizations.