Administrative and Financial

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In a world where mobility and reinforcement require a lot of remote work, discover how Office 365 makes your daily tasks easier: communicate, organize and exchange information quickly with your employees and organizations all over the world.

Training resources and methods:

  • The session is conducted remotely via a virtual classroom tool
  • It is a live session so trainees can interact with a trainer and ask questions

Training objectives:

  • Discover Office 365 tools for administrative and financial task
  • Learn how applications interconnect and work together

Training content:

  • Outlook
    • Create a working group and use the available tools
  • FindTime
    • Schedule a meeting by offering several slots
    • Manage meeting invitations
  • SharePoint 
    • Access file libraries
  • Excel 
    • Co-edit, contribute, extract external data
  • PowerPoint 
    • Create attractive presentations
  • PowerPivot
    • Integrate data from different sources
    • Analyze data with pivot tables