Accessibility in your day-to-day life

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Digital accessibility aims to make content, functionality, or a document available to any person, including a person with a disability. Documents circulating in bulk in companies are not always adapted, even though it sometimes takes only a few minutes to make them accessible to all.

What are the design rules? And the best practices to follow? How to improve your writing in other languages? What tools to improve quality and accessibility?

In addition to making a document accessible, in this course you will learn about new features and possibilities of the Office 365 suite.

All our training, especially on accessibility uses, is conducted by our expert trainers.

Means and methods:

  • This course is based solely on videos

Training content:

  • Introduction: General
  • Accessibility in Excel
  • Accessibility in Outlook
  • Accessibility in Word
  • Accessibility in PowerPoint
  • Use the Translator app for your translations


Nowadays, making your work environment accessible to everyone is an important subject which must be at the heart of our questions. However, it is not always easy to know where to start or how to find the resources and information needed to make a transformation in your work practices. When it comes to accessibility compliance of your documents, you can in any case rely on your Microsoft 365 apps and tools to help you evolve in this direction!

Indeed, the office apps that you know and use on a daily basis such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel have built-in tools, allowing you to check and optimize the accessibility of your documents. The "Check Accessibility" option allows you to review your entire document, including images, as well as verifying a number of points that will make your file more accessible. Colors, font size, background, alternative text for images and illustrations... After your document is entirely scrutinized, you also get tips and advice on how to improve and edit it, so everyone can easily view its content. You can also enable this option as soon as you start writing a document. The tool will analyze your document and items as you design it, so you immediately start with a good foundation in terms of accessibility!

Microsoft 365 is also developing its voice assistance tools: your office apps read your documents and emails aloud, and also allow you to dictate your content to be transcribed verbatim.

Making your content more accessible also means pushing back language barriers! Your Microsoft 365 apps now have Microsoft Translator integration: Select part of your document to translate it or translate your entire document in a few clicks! And for your presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint lets you activate an automatic subtitling tool which translates your speech in real time, for employees who speak a language other than your own.