New technologies have been revolutionizing companies for several years and certain tools have become essential for the proper functioning of an organization. Among these tools, videoconferencing is a revolutionary communication tool that has experienced a boom during the lockdown. Video conferencing is an online visual and audio conference between two or more individuals through a telecommunication system.  

Today, there are many applications specialized in video conferencing such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.  


Improved collaboration and communication 


Videoconferencing makes it possible to collaborate better online and removes geographical barriers. This remote communication system enables to communicate with employees, customers, partners who are not necessarily nearby.  

Collaboration and communication are facilitated because individuals can communicate on video but also exchange documents, share their computer screen, record a meeting to facilitate the writing of minutes, etc. It is easier to set up a meeting because attendees do not need to travel and are ready faster. 

Also, employees get immediate answers thru instant messaging.  


Gain performance and efficiency  


Videoconferencing is primarily a way to save time but also to improve professional efficiency. Meetings are set up more efficiently and in a timely fashion; This allows faster task completion and decision-making. Thanks to its video, videoconferencing makes it possible to capture the participant’s non-verbal language, to interpret his/her reactions and to adapt his/her speech. It also helps to establish mutual trust and avoid any misunderstanding. Eye contact transmits non-verbal communication and improves results. 


Video conferencing in training  


Training methods have evolved, particularly since the health crisis. Lockdown and health protocols have boosted businesses to train online.  

Videoconferencing is revolutionizing vocational training. It ensures online learning continuity through an online meeting between trainers and learners. 

Videoconferencing content is shorter, impactful, and interactive in small groups in order to capture the learner’s attention more easily. Trainers regularly provide activities to increase the engagement rate and avoid monotony. 


Want to test video conferences? 

Our MOOC Office 365 platform supports you in your digital transformation with courses and learning paths on Microsoft 365 tools and uses. You have the opportunity to participate in videoconferences hosted by expert trainers every day. Each webconference is associated with a course composed of use cases and tutorials to best meet your expectations and needs. 

If you want to test a videoconference for free, simply go to the MOOC Office 365 site to register (registration is free).  


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