Do you use the Microsoft Office 365 Desktop App or Web App?

Most users are familiar with Microsoft Office 365 desktop app version; These days, however, the online version is increasingly used.  Thanks to this new approach, users enjoy an easy access to these applications. In most cases, the latest features and interface updates are available on the Office 365 portal.

Let's take a look at recent and upcoming updates with unheard-of context of use!


PowerPoint Web App

You are working on a confidential presentation that consolidates the data of several subsidiaries. How to restrict the transmission of specific information? From now on, you can share the desired subsidiary slide without broadcasting the entire presentation.

You need to get ready for your oral presentation tomorrow and this exercise is not always simple. PowerPoint will soon offer the PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature in order to help you prepare your presentations with artificial intelligence. How does it work? By analyzing your vocabulary and its inclusive use, reading of the slides, language tics or even the rhythm of speech. Presenter Coach offers improvements through real-time feedback. You will become an oral presentation pro with private coaching!

Click here to watch the PowerPoint Presenter Coach presentation video.


Microsoft ToDo

Are you familiar with Microsoft ToDo? This is a new, intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day.

Are you an Office 365 "aficionado" in your personal and/or professional life? Sometimes managing multiple accounts can be quite complicated. Microsoft ToDo now lets you manage multiple accounts from a single and same window.

To learn more about "what's new" at Microsoft ToDo, click here.


Dark Mode on Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Do you want your app to look more colorful? Microsoft offers more customization options. Now discover a customization palette with different color choices, wallpapers, appearance and dark mode.

Why use a dark mode?  We give you 3 reasons to adopt this mode:

  • Save your battery whether it's on mobile or computer
  • Reduce eye strain when viewing your screen in a dark space
  • Adopt its aesthetic.

Check out this video to preview this feature.


And, of course, the "pièce de résistance": Teams Latest Features

You are flooded with notifications and differentiating one from the other is not easy, in your daily message stream? To make it easier for you, Microsoft Teams is launching priority notifications. These notifications notify you every two minutes via mobile or PC that an urgent message will be delivered during the absence of a response.

You want to warn multiple teams of important information but copying/pasting a conversation message across multiple channels is long and tedious. With the Channel cross posting in Teams allows you to post a single message in multiple channels at the same time.

Click here to see what's new at Teams since July.


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