In Office 365, a large range of tools are available for easy teamwork and collaboration. This raises the following question: How to determine the right tool to use based on specific needs?


Collaboration in business

It is necessary to recognize that in business collaboration is ongoing, internally and externally. Indeed, it is essential for business growth. Not only collaboration increases productivity and cohesion, it promotes knowledge sharing and employee satisfaction; And is often based on a single tool named: Outlook.

The large number of applications available to employees can lead to confusion and a refusal to adopt these "new" tools. As a result, employees go back to “what they already know” and use their favorite tool, the one they know best and the one in which they spend most of their time working, again: Outlook.

But then, how do we determine the right collaborative tool to improve our productivity? Today, Office 365 offers more solutions to foster collaborative practices. Moreover, through these, collective intelligence allows for improved cooperation and gets employees involved in working towards a common goal.


Which tool for which use?

At the present time, organizations use many tools. These tools vary depending on the company's work culture, employees or geographical location.

What to use when collaborating: Teams, OneNote, Yammer, or SharePoint?

There are many ways to share… Are we asking the right questions?

Initially, one may wonder: Why share? Indeed, there are different reasons to share. For example: To inform your manager, to co-build a document with other colleagues or to obtain validation.

Then we can think about who the recipients are: Is it one person, a group of colleagues or a wider audience?

Finally, what is the frequency of sharing? Is it an “ongoing” or a “one-time” project sharing?

Dina, our Office 365 trainer, will give the answers to these key issues; By the same token, Mandarine has put in place a guide that recommends usage to help you select the right tool easily.


This webinar brings to the table

In this webinar, the following points will be discussed: How to pick a method of collaboration, how to identify different uses and how to promote change?

With a focus on:

  • Introduction: What to use when collaborating?
  • How can I help users define their use?
  • Examples of collaboration
  • No adoption without accompaniment
  • Conclusion


Join this webinar to find out how to determine the right tool to use and how to help users in this change.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, November 12 at 2:30 pm (Paris Time Zone). Sign up now, seats are limited!


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