The Best Practices in Teams

Nowadays, companies have multiple projects to manage; Therefore, sharing and exchanging information are required. For this type of exchange, Outlook is the main tool used. So, how can Microsoft Teams facilitate the communication and collaboration?

This webinar’s aim is to let you discover the best practices in Teams and the new uses to facilitate collaboration in a company.

A chatbot will be at your disposal, feel free to ask your questions and give us your best practices with Teams.


Webinar Plan:

In the introduction, our expert trainer will approach different Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Teams, Yammer and SharePoint. Each tool is used for a specific task:
– Via the inner loop: To exchange with people who regularly work with you
– Via the outer loop: To interact with people outside your organization or to send formal messages

At first, our trainer will emphasize on how users are fond of emails. Indeed, several hundreds of billions of emails are sent daily. We decrypt your collaboration using Outlook.

Then, you will get acquainted with the new uses and best practices selected by our trainer:
– Encouraging my team to adopt Teams
– Group messaging on similar topic
– Exchanging regularly with the same group of people
– Distinguishing between being in copy or being the main recipient
– Sharing messages regularly to inform people
– Sending and receiving emails to update documents and having insufficient quota storage
– Sending the same attachments
– Searching information
– Working efficiently
– Sharing information with other people during meetings

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This webinar will take place on Friday, June 7, 2019 at 11:00 AM (Paris Time Zone), don’t wait because places are limited:




If you can’t be present, a webcast will be available the following week.



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