Since the release of Microsoft Teams: officially announced in November 2016, the software publisher has consistently considered user feedback. Some may think: "That's normal.”

But why spend so much energy in the development of an application? How can we add value in a digital context where application obsolescence is in the matter of a few years?

Among the answers are fundamental concepts that surf a wave of trends:

  • In order to adapt, Software development cannot do without functional iterations: this is the very principle of agility.
  • Accessibility, in every sense of the word, must offer users the availability of tools regardless of the way of working and contextual constraints: we find mobility and the consideration of situational disability.
  • In a world where communication and collaboration bring out dozens of application solutions a day, efficiency at work is completely diluted: a collaborative hub to govern them all!

This is how the product team must constantly evolve its solution, in order to meet the requirements of users step by step.


Teams functional iterations

Whether it is a minimal built-in feature or a major product evolution, here are some examples of functional iterations showing Microsoft Teams' tremendous ability to adapt:

Improve display to save time

  • Pin a channel to the top of the channel list, so you can quickly access it
  • Rearrange these pinned channels in order of priority
  • Pin video streams during a meeting and return to the place left after leaving the viewing mode
  • Video calling from a Chrome browser in Web Teams.


Choose the type of channel created: Standard or Private

  • Working with some of the team members only to keep data confidential
  • Simply store associated files in a dedicated SharePoint site
  • For more information, click here.


Making information circular

  • Use a collaborative whiteboard: more info here.
  • Send a single message to multiple channels at the same time.
  • Be informed when you miss a meeting call.


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