Remote work has caused great changes in the organization of the company. This way of life has upset both clients and employees, who have had to change the way they work. Large groups such as Microsoft and LinkedIn have decided to implement new features in early 2022  to support companies towards a hybrid way of working.


What is hybrid work?


Hybrid work is a new way of working that consists of combining work in the office and remote work. This brand-new organization has many advantages for both your employees and your customers:


  • Flexibility and autonomy for your employees
  • Saves time because it limits travel
  • A reduction in transport costs for your employees but also a reduction in the costs of renting, furnishing, and maintaining offices


Microsoft: the tools that help support companies towards hybrid work


Microsoft Teams: the collaborative tool essential to the proper functioning of teams

  • New features have been added to The Teams Rooms. For example, there is the integration of AI-based smart cameras  to make it easier to track and recognize users during a meeting.
  • Another novelty is the integration of Cameo. The Cameo feature allows users to choose how and where their faces, taken from a Teams video, will appear on live PowerPoint slides. It also offers recommendations for optimal placement of content.
  • Finally, there is the arrival of the virtual trainer Speaker Coach in Teams: this virtual trainer uses artificial intelligence to share with employees personalized advice and best practices to support them in their daily teleworking  (organization of working time, respecting speaking time and order in meetings or advice on how to address your audience.


Outlook: a more precise organization of corporate attendance

  • Outlook's new RSVP feature allows employees to specify their physical or remote presence during a meeting or to specify the time slots during which they are available.



LinkedIn: an opening to a new way of working


  • LinkedIn has created a search filter to allow job seekers to discover jobs that match the way they want to work: remotely, on-site, or a mix of both: in hybrid mode.

  • More than 40 courses have been posted on LinkedIn to strengthen employees' skills and learn how to manage teams.


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