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Our Trainer Answers Your Questions

Here are the questions that were asked during this webinar; Our expert trainer answers you:

1. Regarding Office 365 governance, which tool should be used to manage globally and efficiently the access rights to Teams and Sharepoint resources (as well as other Microsoft solution resources): Office 365 Groups or mail-enabled security groups? In practice, when creating a Teams team, is it better to use Office 365 groups or mail-enabled security groups created from the Office 365 administration center?
Between Office 365 groups and mail-enabled security groups, which one enables a better common management (Teams, SharePoint, etc.) ?
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When you create a Teams or Office 365 group, you automatically create a distribution list in Exchange before adding users. When you create mail-enabled security groups, it’s the opposite: You create your group before adding users. Then, you associate this group either with Teams or with a SharePoint. It depends on your governance. If users have the right to create Teams, there is no need to create mail-enabled security groups. However, if you want the information system manage the Teams creation and to assign users, use mail-enabled security groups.

2. We have been using Teams for 2 years, but now information goes in all directions. I think we must sort things by topic, but I ask myself the following question: Should we create few teams and many channels or many teams? (for example: One team for one project with thematic channels)

We must look at this question in a global way. If the same team (with some variants) always manages several projects, it’s better to use one team and several channels. Bear in mind that you can hide the channels as soon as the project is completed. On the contrary, if on the projects’ contributors are different, it’s better to use several teams with few channels. Please note that you can hide or archive your teams when your project is completed.


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