The health crisis of Covid-19 has changed our working habits. In addition, containment has led companies to rethink the organization of planned activities by developing telework where possible.

Businesses have had to adapt to this new remote work organization. Most companies never anticipated nor experienced that before. This situation can amplify psychosocial risks for managers and employees alike: different pace, difficulty in disconnecting from work, work-life balance.

In order to organize telework effectively and limit these risks, it is important to give employees a cue, especially in terms of tools to use. In addition, it is essential to define a collaborative workspace in order to facilitate exchanges and communication with teams.

Rethinking the organization of the company and the work of teams

Following the announcement of the confinement, in a matter of days we moved from an onsite organization to a remote work organization, each one home.

To meet the needs of managers and teams and to deal with this new situation, we have developed dedicated educational resources to help you master the communication and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams. Three courses are available to help you organize the team activity in good conditions.

Many of you viewed online the organization of telework learning paths! We keep on scheduling new sessions to support you in developing good practices to get on with day-to-day activities.

Our learning paths focus on organizing telework in Microsoft Teams

We have developed resources dedicated to organizing telework in Microsoft Teams.

Indeed, this collaborative tool centralizes all teams activity in one space. It promotes the communication and collaboration of the work teams.

Go to our MOOC Office 365 website to find our three learning paths and learn how to set up telework in Teams:


Set up the business hardware and double-check your settings. And organize teamwork among coworkers to learn how to collaborate remotely.


Learn how to handle Team conversations between colleagues in the Microsoft Teams chat. Organize a dedicated team workspace with specific channels. And learn about best practices for managing in-house phone calls from Teams.


Schedule your business meetings ahead of time by picking the right time slots. During a meeting: Host your online presentation in Microsoft Teams. And then, find out more about taking meeting notes then share your meeting.

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In addition to these telework courses, you'll find plenty of educational content to get the most out of Teams just here.

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