Tutorial Series: Season 1: “Get Coaching Tips and Tricks on the New Uses of Skype VS Teams”

Since Microsoft announced that Skype for Business would no longer be updated and replaced by Microsoft Teams, we want our training to focus on this application to help users.

Indeed, this tool improves collaboration and teamwork in companies. However, you may wonder how to understand it quickly and easily.

This is why we have launched a series of tutorials focused on Microsoft Teams.

Our first season is based on coaching the uses of Skype VS Teams. These videos will help you learn how to find your Skype for Business uses in Microsoft Teams.

What do these videos look like?

These videos are Q&As between a trainee, who switches from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, and a coach. In less than 2 minutes, our coach will show how to easily get familiar with the features of Teams that will help you on a daily basis.

Watch our episodes now!

In each episode, a new question is asked to our coach. Check them out:

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“Skype VS Teams” new tag is available in the “Tutorials” section to easily find this series of video.

Do you have any questions about Microsoft Teams? Ask us and our coach will answer you!



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