This course offers tips on managerial uses in Office 365

Nowadays, managers must handle a large volume of tasks. Their organization must be flawless. Working methods are constantly evolving and managers have no choice but to adapt.

Dive into this course to hone your managerial skills.

Managers also have to chair online meetings to exchange with team members.

They have to be able to assign taskstrack and report teams activity; At the same time, they must communicate and share information. Information documents should be made available to the entire team.


So now, how can managers have these tasks completed?

This course will show you how to achieve your goals faster by getting more tasks done with fewer steps thanks to Office 365.

This online session is carried out by an expert trainer. Feel free to ask your questions during your session.

Learn how to improve your management processes and productivity by applying the appropriate Office 365 tools in this virtual classroom.

In this “Manager – Office 365 Executive Tips” course, you will be exposed to different managerial use case scenarios:

– Outlook / Skype / OneNote: Organizing meetings easily. This section will cover how to: organize recurring meetings, run a staff meeting and forward meeting reports to members and follow up your meetings.

– Planner Online / Smartphone: Managing your team’s activity. Find out how to: manage your team’s activity, coordinate different stakeholders’ tasks and assign tasks to your team members from a Smartphone.

– Excel / Power BI: Analyzing activity; Such as: carrying out activity analysis, centralizing data and regularly tracking and reporting staff activity progress.

– Groups / SharePoint: Communicating and sharing information with your team; Such as: sharing documents with your team, communicating new information and soliciting their help and opinion remotely.


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