Within Microsoft 365, all type of data is shared between employees. The disclosure of this data could result in damage to the company. To best protect your data, attend our course on security features in Microsoft 365 apps. 


The importance of IT security 

IT security is a system that protects all data of confidential nature. A company’s information must be protected against any form of data hacking. Effective security management is essential to secure your data and keep your information confidential. 

Protect your information with Microsoft 365 

With Microsoft 365 tools you can communicate with employees or clients, store and share important documents, or schedule and organize meetings. Some of it is confidential data that must be protected. 

In our course, we’ll teach you how to use security features in Microsoft 365 apps. On our MOOC Office 365 website, we provide tutorials for some tools such as: Microsoft TEAMS, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Outlook. 

In these tutorials, we will discuss: 

  • General information on good practices
  • Understand and secure information sharing 
  • Protect an email by encryption 
  • Prevent the transfer of an email 
  • Recognize a fraudulent email 
  • Block a sender
  • Share a document securely
  • Avoid abusive sharing of my document
  • Protect my document with a password 
  • Edit sharing rules
  • Recover deleted items

Quizzes are available to test your knowledge after viewing the entire security course in Microsoft 365.


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