New Outlook 2019 Course

Discover the new Outlook version with our expert trainer. Indeed, the 2019 version offers plenty of features to improve your daily routine.

The objectives here are to discover Outlook 2019 new functionalities and get familiar with the app’s new tools.

First, we will show you the new Simplified Ribbon along with the Show Focused Inbox tools.

Our trainer will then cover what’s new with the mailbox section; Elements such as Suggested Contacts, restrict email distribution and Reading Aloud.

You will also learn how to use the improved meeting tools.

Lastly, find out other options you have to make your daily life easier.


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Outlook 2019 Tutorials

Tutorials will bring you up to speed on the new Outlook 2019 features.

Check out our Outlook 2019 tutorials!

9 tutorials are offered on Outlook 2019:
– Quickly sort emails
– Custom your personal reminders and notifications
– Automatically mark deleted emails as read
– Let Outlook read your emails out loud
– Identify meeting members
– Prevent recipients from forwarding emails
– Prevent forwarding of a meeting
– Discover the new simplified ribbon
– Display 3 time zones


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