With the health crisis, the various lockdowns and the generalization of teleworking, remote meeting has become the norm. These meetings provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, share information and make decisions. But remote work is difficult and has affected inclusion and collaboration. In addition, these meetings are sometimes considered a waste of time. 

In our last webinar entitled "How to make meetings more constructive, interactive and participatory with Microsoft Teams", we conducted a short survey to find out the habits and uses of individuals during meetings. 

Our observation 

Almost 40% of respondents feel that the meetings they attend are not interactive and participatory enough. 

In addition, 57% never use virtual whiteboards during their remote meetings and even 14% were not aware of this feature. However, this tool makes it possible to make meetings more fun by combining, for example, an image and a word to promote the understanding and memorization of messages. 

It also found that two thirds of people do not yet use tools that facilitate decision-making. 

These figures therefore show that few people are familiar with and aware of the possibilities offered by collaborative tools. This can therefore lead to a lack of efficiency, as well as a difficulty in collaborating and engaging participants in the meeting. 

But how, then, can we improve the interactivity and efficiency of meetings? 

The best way to improve this is to research the features provided by the tools and train in their use so that you can work better together. 

In particular, we have developed dedicated educational resources to help you master communication and collaboration tools. These are available on the MOOC Office 365 site. You can find courses on all Microsoft Office 365 apps, such as the one on Team collaboration via TEAMS. For instance, you can either attend an online course to find out more about TEAMS by interacting with a trainer; Or you can view use cases to project in the concrete use of tools; Or watch tutorials for help on specific features. 

Some contents are available for free while others require a MOOC Office 365 license; This license gives you full access to all training options for a whole year. To learn more, go here!   

We also provide Ecoach, a 1h30 personalized online training with a Microsoft 365 expert coach who will adapt to your pace to best meet your expectations. To learn more, do not hesitate to consult our article on this subject

Lastly, if you wish to assist your coworkers in tool migration or internal procedures and get your own dedicated platform, DiLeaP is for you. This customizable business training platform boosts the adoption of new uses. If you wish to know how DiLeaP can provide support in your digital transformation, click here.