You are now charge of a team for an internal project, this project will take place for several months and will require many tasks to achieve your objectives. 

Do you want everyone to have a global view of all employee tasks, but how do you organize and distribute tasks to your team members in a much simpler way? 

The answer is “Planner”, an Office 365 app that allows the management of tasks more easily but also offers a great comfort to use at the for your team and you.


Why use Planner? 

Microsoft Planner offers an efficient solution for task management. It allows you to create tasks, easily share them with your employees, and follow the progress of each of them.     


First step: 

To create a new plan, click on the top left side of your screen. Then give your plan a name and click on "new plan"



Step Two: 

You can now create different areas, by clicking on "add new bucket". They will define the different phases of your project. 



Step Three: 

You can create your task list in each bucket, by clicking on the "+" option.  Give a name to each of these tasks and then click on "add a task" so that it is visible. 



Step Four: 

Once the task list is complete, select the collaborators who will perform these tasks, and access the plan. You can add them, either from Outlook or directly in Planner by clicking on "add members" at the top right. 



To assign the tasks to each member as well as the deadline, click on the task, and add a member of your team. Then assign them a start and end date, a checklist, and then enter a description. You can also add one or several attachments. This person will be notified of this new task as well. 



How can I check the progress of my employees' tasks? 

You can do this by clicking on "group by progress" at the top right in the drop-down list.  Several views are available: table, or graphs; for a synthetic view of the progress of each.  

So you can adjust and distribute tasks among your employees, if the person is overloaded or no longer has tasks.



It's up to you! 


Find the practical way in the video right here!  👇


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