For many of you, summer is here and the holidays are fast approaching! 

Here is a list of helpful apps and valuable advice to take the stress out of holiday planning. We want you to get the most out of your vacation. So just follow our apps’ configuration tips. Go on vacation with serenity by ensuring a return without the stress of 150 emails and 45 calls.  


1. Don't forget anything with Microsoft's To-Do 

Easy to learn, the To-Do List application of the Microsoft 365 suite lets you quickly list the different tasks to be done before going on vacation. 

As on a sheet of paper, add a task to the list so that it is visible then tick it when completed. The advantage is that Microsoft To-Do is connected with Outlook’s scheduled tasks.  

P.S.: And we do not stop here… This app also synchronizes with your smartphone to allow you to find your lists wherever you are!  


Learn more about Microsoft To Do List 👇🏼

Microsoft To-Do


2. The out-of-office automatic replies in Outlook 

One of the first things to do when planning a vacation is to inform your colleagues and external contacts of your absence. To do this, it is possible to configure an absence message directly in the File tab to report, first, the users who work with you, and secondly, all the people who do not work in your company. 

For safety, you can indicate in your message the person to contact during your absence. This way, your colleagues and external contacts will know who to send their emails to during this period. 


To set up your out-of-office messages, go to this mini tutorial 👇🏼

Out-of-office automatic replies



3. Microsoft Teams voicemail 

Even if Teams is connected to Outlook and automatically notifies people of your absence, you still need to set up your message on voicemail. 


To set this up properly, access to your voicemail here 👇🏼

Teams specific settings


4. Disconnection is important!  

We can never repeat this enough, but the last thing to do is to fully unplug and recharge so that you get back to work in better shape than ever!  

To put it into practice now, Viva Insights accompanies you in your disconnection! Follow these tutorials to relax 👇🏼

Relaxation with Viva Insight



So much for this week's tips... Knowing that you are going on leave with serenity, thanks to the applications of the Microsoft suite, all you have to do is pack up and hit destination: HOLIDAY!  

We hope this article has helped you prepare a stress free holiday departure and return. 

See you soon for new tips! And above all... Happy Holiday 😉 


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