During on field interventions, your agents surely have to fill in intervention sheets. This data is then entered in a shared Excel file. This is a relatively time-consuming and expensive task. So, the question is: How to facilitate the entry of such data? 

The answer is Microsoft Power Apps!

Let’s start by defining what Microsoft Power Apps is. Power Apps allows you to create a professional app in minutes without the need of a developer or demanding to be one yourself.


Step 1

On the Power Apps home page, there are several create choices.

We will start from an Excel file. So, it is necessary to click on "Start from data"..


The advantage of this choice is that it will allow Power Apps to generate an app quickly and efficiently taking the data in my file.

The Header Row in your file represents the fields to complete in your app.


Step 2

Before you build your app, you can preview it by clicking on the “preview” button.

Then, you can start authoring your app:


Step 3

After step 2 is completed, log in by clicking the bottom right button of your screen to start building your app.   

By default, the app will generate 3 screens:

- The first allows you to go through all the objects.  

- The second allows you to display the details of an object.  

- The last one allows you to add and edit the objects.


Step 4

Once the app is ready to use, to see how it works, use the button at the top right:

If the app is to your convenience, you can share it with your collaborators.

If not, you can still customize it by changing:

- The layout of the app

- The labels

- The objects to display

By clicking on "Data source", it is possible to align, change the layout or sort and remove the objects.

Step 5

To facilitate data entry for your agents, we advise you to change the elements "Agent Name" and "Intervention Type" to a drop-down list with pre-existing choices.

To do this, click on "Allowed Values":



In the "Advanced" section, fill in your choices in "Items" section respecting the following order: ["choice1" ; "choice2" ; "choice3"]

That's it! The creation of your app is now complete!   

If the app is good for you, you can share it with your collaborators.

To do this go to "File" at the top left of your screen, give it a name, choose any icon that fits and then click on "Save" in the menu on the left.

Then, click on the “Share this app” button, complete the information with the name of your agents (one by one) and you just have made your app available to your entire organization.


With PowerApps, creating mobile applications has never been so easy!


Find this tutorial summarized in a 4 min video:

See the tutorial



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