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Get Trained on Teams Call Features

In this new course, discover various call options in Microsoft Teams.


Training Objectives

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the various features and call options in Microsoft Teams as well as the new uses of Cloud telephony and finally, to get familiar with the configuration menus.


100% Video Course!

For now, this course is only made of videos.

First, a use case scenario on saving money thanks to Teams Call. Indeed, it is possible to share incoming calls on a single telephone line.

Then, a tutorial module (16 videos) to improve your knowledge on this topic. These videos are divided into 4 parts:


Making & Processing Calls

In this section, you will learn how to make and receive calls directly from your computer in Microsoft Teams or on your phone via the mobile application. Discover other features such as putting on hold or muting your microphone, inviting other people to an ongoing call and managing participants.

In Microsoft Teams, you can manage several calls at the same time and put calls on hold. Finally, in Microsoft Teams it is possible to transfer calls to other persons such as your colleagues.



In the second part, find out how you can forward calls to another person, a group of people or your voicemail. You will also discover how to ring another number simultaneously and how to turn off call forwarding.


Settings & Voicemail

The third part explains how to block specific phone numbers, adjust audio devices, even during calls, and how to access your voicemail and change your greeting.


Using the Mobile Application to Make Calls

Finally, the last part is dedicated to the mobile application in which all features seen previously are also available.


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