Since December, it has been difficult to get around by public transportation, whether by train, subway, TER and even taxis.

You use public transportation to get to work and because of this never-ending strike, you need to find alternatives. You are looking to optimize your time during your commute.

Thanks to on-the-go tools, we can offer you solutions to keep on training and working as a team!


Online Training with the MOOC Office 365 platform

The MOOC Office 365 platform offers a self-training environment to boost your Office 365 suite digital skills whenever and wherever you want! Thus, no need to commute and do keep in mind that our Office 365 trainers do not go on strike 😊…

Whether you are in the office or telecommuting, our content remains available.

Check out our latest news and find out more about our upcoming webinars!

For more information, visit the MOOC Office 365 platform.


Continue to work collaboratively with Microsoft TEAMS

Microsoft TEAMS is the ultimate on-the-go collaboration tool! Between document sharing, team collaboration, instant messaging and audio/video conferencing meetings, this tool allows you to stay close to your employees at any time.

To learn more about Microsoft TEAMS now, check out this course: TEAMS - Can it provide easier communication and collaborative work?

In addition, the Microsoft TEAMS app is also available for Android and iOS devices so no more excuses, everyone can have access to it!

To learn more about the mobile app, check out our dedicated course: TEAMS - Using TEAMS on iOS.


To go further in working on the go

Now, find all your Microsoft tools on your mobile devices: Word, Excel or PowerPoint; They are all available!

Check out these use case scenarios for more information:


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