Want to go further and hone your skills on Microsoft 365 tools? This is possible thanks to our new Ecoach service! We're excited to get even closer to you with custom sessions in which we'll bring you the unmatched know-how you need along with Microsoft 365 best practices.

Ecoach, the personalized coaching session

What is an Ecoach session? This is a personalized online training where you interact with a Microsoft 365 expert coach for 1h30. Your coach adapts to your pace to best meet your expectations. Small groups of up to 3 people can also attend these personalized sessions.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for:

  • A single session, where you will develop global skills.
  • Multiple sessions, where you will benefit from a follow-up and, thus, a timing of the coaching sessions at your own pace. Your learning path will be adapted according to your needs and your advancement.

How do I get an Ecoach session?

Here are the steps to get the most out of an Ecoach session:

First, you need to define the desired theme. In addition, it is important to prepare beforehand the questions you want to address so that your coach can best meet your expectations. Our experts advise you to limit your topic to one Microsoft 365 application, although during your session you may have a broader view.

Then you can place an order directly on our website. After placing your order, a training assistant will contact you by phone or e-mail to prepare your session. You will set with her the date and time of the appointment. Then, you will validate together the main theme and identify the participant(s).

Finally, each participant will receive an email with the connection link to the Ecoach session.

To optimize your session, come prepared:

  • Have the relevant tool on your computer
  • Be in a quiet environment
  • Have your computer already connected to the internet
  • Have headphones and microphone.

Upon request, we’ll send you a certificate of nominative participation!

The course of an Ecoach session

The Ecoach session lasts 1h30. Your coach will give you different theoretical contributions that you will then put into practice with his/her help. You will be able to proceed at your own pace and develop greater depth of knowledge and skills. Take advantage of this one-on-one interaction with our expert coach to ask all your questions.