Today we introduce you to Dina, our International Educational Consultant.


Hello Dina! You are the last member recruited in the training team. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Dina HARBI; I'm 50 years old and my shoe size is 7.5.


What is your career path?

I have more than 20 years of experience in Office Management in the USA and 5 years in France. I have been an international educational consultant at Mandarine Academy for almost a year, now. 😊


You've traveled a lot, haven't you? What did you gain from it?

I have learned to trust myself and especially, face new situations with humility.

Also, my thirst for learning and my curiosity have always helped me to adapt quickly to a new culture and most importantly, get involved in new projects. Through this nomadic phase, the speed of learning and mastering foreign languages was a major asset.


What is your chosen field and what are your missions within Mandarine Academy?

Let’s say, I'm a bit of a "geek" with a penchant for the DIGITAL world... To tell you the truth, at Mandarine Academy, I'm a kid in a big toy store, like Toys“R”Us"!

On a daily basis, I’m surrounded by expert practitioner trainers on many software, such as Microsoft Power BI and Project. I have special access to all the latest office tools! As a result, I have the option to upgrade on an ad hoc basis; all the more so, as I take pleasure in sharing and presenting these new and good practices, by hosting webinars in English and French.

I also participate in the design of video tutorials. Very soon, I will begin proofreading and translating the modules and scripts appearing on our MOOC Office 365 and DiLeaP platforms again, while ensuring and maintaining the quality of automated translations.

Through this interview and with all my heart, I would like to thank Jessica BOIVIN (the QUEEN of translators) who in less than 6 months cleaned up 90% of the MOOC Office 365 platform by proofreading, correcting and re-writing all its content!


Why do you think it is important to add a human interactive and support solution to the training mix?

Enthusiasm and humor are essential ingredients in the teaching of children and adults alike in order to arouse their curiosity and interest. Digital only regurgitates a script. By establishing a dialogue and a climate of trust, the trainer will evaluate the participants skills and customize this training to meet their needs and above all, inspire them to complete their upgrade in complete autonomy.


Among the tools you use, which one is your favorite?

  • OneNote: to centralize any type of information
  • Teams: to communicate and collaborate in real time
  • Trello: to organize, track and/or assign daily tasks
  • PowerPoint: to create engaging presentations
  • Video Editor: to make sophisticated video montages
  • Youtube: to generate and edit automated subtitles in any language

Tools I use both personally and professionally in my everyday life... And again, I've narrowed down my list! 😉


Lastly, which animal represents you best?

The octopus! Like my colleagues, I have become a ‘Jack of all Trades’; I wear many hats at different times and acquire as many skills as possible in order to contribute to the improvement of content on our platform. I love troubleshooting and solving puzzles. I am sensitive to people's well-being, attentive and a good listener. Outgoing and outspoken, I foster a close and trusting relationship with my peers.


See you soon on the MOOC Office 365 site


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