The new performance of the artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present on the MOOC Office 365. Indeed, last year we developed a recommendation index with AI. So, you can easily find content adapted to your profile and needs.

This year, we continue to develop technology and improve AI performance.

In this article, you will discover how artificial intelligence allows to complete and improve your training experience.


The discovery of the transcript and subtitles

All of our videos have English subtitles on the MOOC Office 365. Next to the video, you also have access the content. By clicking on any part of the text, the video will automatically play the portion related to the text in question.

These subtitles are created by artificial intelligence with the transcription. AI is still in the trial phase, we do our best to correct mistakes; It will be improved with time.

A search bar is available next to the video that allows to search a particular word or a group of specific words and have direct access to them. For example, if you are only looking for “time”, in this case only the paragraph with this word will be displayed. By clicking on one of them, you will immediately be taken to the exact timeline of the video.

Simply put, this new feature allows you to save time when searching for a specific information.
By the same token, this feature enables hearing-impaired to also follow our training courses.


Come and check out these new features on the MOOC Office 365!


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