Microsoft regularly rolls out new features in its applications. Most of these new features are used to facilitate hybrid work. Convinced that hybrid work is the new work organization, Microsoft has decided to enrich its services to make it easier for employees to collaborate. 


Microsoft Teams has become the go-to tool for many companies with the explosion of remote working. Many people use this tool to collaborate, meet, converse, call, etc. 


In this article, we'll talk about what's new in Microsoft Teams that will enable a new meeting experience. 


A collaborative virtual reality application 


Microsoft is getting into virtual reality and has announced the launch of Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality platform powered by Azure. This platform makes it possible to bring together people and content in a 2D or 3D virtual environment. This further expands the possibilities of hybrid work and meetings. 


Thanks to Microsoft Mesh, you will be able to evolve with your colleagues and partners in the same immersive virtual environment, with avatars customized to your image. 


Microsoft Mesh capabilities will be integrated with the Microsoft Teams app for collaboration, team meetings, conversations, and calls. The goal is to blend Mesh's virtual environments and avatar system with the collaborative features of Microsoft Teams. This new tool aims to make collaboration more immersive, fun and encourages engagement. 


Even more engaging virtual events 


Virtual events are increasingly present since the health crisis. 

Microsoft Teams offers the tools you need to plan your webinar, register individuals, make an interactive presentation, and analyze attendee data. Microsoft continues to improve the tool to achieve engaging, personalized and professional virtual events. 


Here's the next what's new on Microsoft Teams: 


  • A pre-live room (available in preview in early 2022) called "Virtual green room": It will allow the organizers and presenters of a webinar to gather before the start of the event. 

  • Advanced controls (available in preview in early 2022):  You will be able to define which content and presenters will be visible on the screen. This is to  minimize distractions and control what is seen by the audience. 

  • Co-organization (available by the end of the year): It will be possible to assign several organizers and presenters to meetings and webinars. For example, you will be able to assign up to 10 co-organizers who will have the same rights as the original organizer. 

  • Question module (available in preview this month): This function offers the possibility to better structure the interaction with the audience during an event: ask questions, identify the best answer, moderate questions and make announcements. 

  • Audio stream isolation (available in preview this month): This allows event producers to create an audio mix to isolate the audio and video stream of each participant in a Teams meeting.  


Facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders 


Microsoft has found a way to share channels in Microsoft Teams between multiple organizations. 

Microsoft Teams connect will enable users to seamlessly collaborate in the same digital environment with customers, partners, vendors, or anyone outside their organization. 


This new feature will be available in Preview during the first quarter of 2022. 


Get ready for these new features! 


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