Course access: The new features in Office 2019

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The content of this course

In this course, you will discover the new features of Office 2019 interface.
Our expert trainer will show you how these new features improve daily tasks, increase efficiency and further his training through the MOOC Office 365 platform.

We will focus on the following tools:

  • Excel: In these new features, our expert trainer will present Excel new features available as well as the notification in the comments. Then, you will discover a new funnel charts and 2D maps. Finally, you will learn to share your documents in a browser in view mode and how to deselect the redundant cells.
  • PowerPoint: The main new features concern the 3D models insert, SVG pictures and the integration of Forms application. Design ideas are proposed when you want to insert a picture. Then, our trainer will present you the new transitions and audio recording of a narration and subtitles live in a specific language with artificial intelligence. At last, a drawing toolbar is available in particular for people using Office 365 on a tablet or a tactile laptop.
  • Word: In this latest tool, artificial intelligence is very present. Indeed, now it is possible to use the Word document reading aloud feature and dictate your text. Lastly, our trainer will show you how use the built-in translation feature.

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