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MOOC Office 365 blog
What’s new on your Office 365 online training platform

You’re wondering how capture the attention of your audience. Do you want to animate your presentations to pass on your messages? With PowerPoint, you can now […]

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After a year of work and development, we have developed adaptive learning on your MOOC Office 365 platform. We are happy to announce our new personalized […]

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Our learning paths have been created to access all the information you need on a specific subject. Currently, you have more than 25 different learning paths […]

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This week, we’ll detail the use of the backend on your own platform through the management and reporting console. As a manager, you have at your […]

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This week, we are happy to announce our new pedagogical approach. We actually created coaching sessions. In this article, we’ll describe the use and benefit of […]

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Do you know all the Office 365? Do you want to be able to optimize your time? Would you like easy solutions to help you on […]

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