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About MOOC Office 365

The company that edits MOOC Office 365

MOOC Office 365 is published by Mandarine Academy, a company specialized in change support and digital tools adoption. Its objective is to provide a new way of training more effectively, in terms of knowledge, capacity, time and budget.

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MOOC Office 365 and continuing professional development

MOOC Office 365 is an online training platform. It brings together all the applications included in Microsoft 365 and offers various resources to learn how to master these work tools.

The autonomy in the use of the training platform is important, but additional services allow to go further in the support of the learners.

Benefits of MOOC Office 365

MOOC Office 365 helps users get started or get up to speed with their new Microsoft 365 collaborative tools.

MOOC Office 365 allows you to:

  • Develop new ways to apply Microsoft 365 solutions to gain in efficiency and productivity
  • Understand the tools in everyday situations based on job-related use cases and courses
  • Gain unlimited access to content for 24/7 online training
  • Interact with Microsoft 365 expert trainers during live sessions
  • Track the progress of your employees via use reports
  • Follow the evolution of Microsoft 365 software via the site’s updated content
  • Some content is available for free, while others require a license. For more information, see the MOOC Office 365 pricing.

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    Mandarine Academy also provides support solutions, such as DiLeaP, a training and support platform customizable to the colors of your company.

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    Content of MOOC Office 365

    Courses and learning paths based on themes and jobs

    These contents are gathered according to a particular theme, a job, or a tool. The learning paths are composed of several courses. Your dashboard tracks your progress in real time.

    Courses contain video content on any topic, online training sessions with an expert, and replays to review past live sessions. Our platform includes more than 160 courses and learning paths and continues to grow every month on Microsoft 365 solutions.

    Use case videos

    These short videos introduce Microsoft 365 products by highlighting a real-life situation. Users can thus project themselves in the concrete use of the features.

    Video tutorials

    These short Microsoft 365 videos provide help with a focus on the tools’ latest features. Through a functional approach, learn how to use Microsoft 365 tools. More than 1,200 videos are now available on the platform.

    A social network for the exchange of good practices

    The MOOC Office 365 has a social network on Microsoft 365 tools. Accessible to all, it allows users to ask questions and share tips and tricks with the entire community.

    A management and reporting console

    The dashboard gives access to the evolution of the number of subscribers, the activity of the users and the most consulted resources.

    A gamification system

    A gamification system is in place to motivate users and reward their efforts. The more content users consult, the more points they earn and the more badges they get. This is a great way to challenge yourself!

    Artificial intelligence

    The MOOC Office 365 has a recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence. This feature is designed to adapt to the users' profile by proposing relevant resources to engage learners and increase their interest.